Bonding Time with Cousins

Ate Princess and Sean are the only grandchildren in my family while in my hubby’s family they’ve got a company of other 5 kids (but the other 2 cousins are in UK). Its only vacation time that they can meet and bond as cousins aside from every weekend calls in Skype and Yahoo. Ate Princess is the only rose among the thorns so most of the time they would unceasingly tease her, they would hide from her and she kept on trying to find them. All of them are boys so expect the worst, as all of them are the ruler so most of the time there’ll be pulling of opposites sides to whatever things they do. But whatever their differences are, however they vary in each approach to things around them still you can see the love and the patience that they would extend to each other. Of course, they would also give Ate Princess the princesslike treatment once in a while. Kuya D is the oldest (age10), then Kuya R1 (age9), he is a black-belter in combat aikido, Kuya R2 is 6.

Like one night, Kuya R2 wanted to watch Tom and Jerry but Ate Princess did not want Tom and Jerry, she liked to watch The Li’l Mermaid, there was again the argument and the winner was Ate P. Kuya R2 gave way to his cousin and all of them were laughing because he was so angry that he wanted to punch Ate P but he’s controlling himself not to do it.

Sean can’t get  the pace of his cousins so most of the time he’ll just follow them. Kuya D is the caring kuya since he’s the only child so he longs for a brother or a sister.


  Kuya R1 playing with Sean and near them is Kuya R2.

games.jpg   games2.jpg   games3.jpg

The first picture,these two kids (Ate P and Kuya R2) who first had rough moments turned out to be best buddies.   Sean is the onlooker, he’ll got the chance to play if all will cease playing.:)

sling-shot1.jpg   slingshot2.jpg   slingshot3.jpg

Sling shots for each and every one of them and not to mention those lighters with pin light that they kept on getting from the store.   And Ate Princess got 4 of them (lighters) when I checked her backpack  and the never-ending lollies.



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