Blog Header (for art sake…)

I want to change my blog header, make it more “me” and still this blog needs more tweaking and more work with Paint, Photoshop and Gimp.

 Here are some of my samples:

blog1.jpg    blogheader2.jpg    blogheader3.jpg

blogheader1.jpg    blogheader51.jpg    blogheader6.jpg

blogheader7.jpg    blogheader8.jpg    blogheader9.jpg

           blogheader10.jpg               blogheader11.jpg  

3 Replies to “Blog Header (for art sake…)”

  1. I love all designs. Pretty colors. My choice is the second to the last design, one with the pink…they’re all pretty though.

  2. since your title is lavender and orange, the closest ones that fit the description are the fifth and seventh from the top. notwithstanding, i like all the designs especially the last two ones because the color combinations compliment each other and just because i like green and pink. but…it is you who gets to pick..hehe.

  3. Thanks Dear and Tita Belle! I also like the pink one and as well as the blue hehehe… gawa pa ako ng iba:) si STR he likes the the fifth one. I’ll ask pa nga si Ate P and Baby Sean:)

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