Black Saturday

I’m relatively happy that our Princess is little_bit_getting_well now, after 3 days of having a diarrhea and fever. Slowly she’s now back to her usual self: a dynamic superrrr baby girllll!

Today is Black Saturday and here in Qatar you’ll not feel the solemnity of Lenten Season.

Personally, as daily in the morning I tend to meditate as I prayed my “wake-up” prayer and in addition this week I’m also trying to imagine the “religious celebration” back home.

Also, oh yes! Very worthy to mention, I finally finished watching Mulan after more than 10 attempts. Since last week I started to watched it; but not able to finish. Cute movie, I almost cried, hehehe, at the end (hey, it took more than a week for me to finished it!).

We got a bunch of “5-in-1 DVDs” from Souq. Yes, “those kind” of DVDs are openly available here in Qatar!

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