Birthday Parties:)

We attended lots of birthday parties this past few weeks, from Matt’s birthday party in the newly built McDonald’s in Ras Abu-Aboud then the 1st birthday party of Jairus in Chinese Restaurant in City Center last Wednesday then the following day we also attended the Tinkerbell themed 1st birthday party of Anica Ysabelle in Junglezone, Hyatt Plaza and just today we came from MJ’s birthday party in McDonalds Al Sadd. Whew! It was like a birthday party marathon.

During Matt’s birthday party, my kids enjoyed almost all the games as usual Andrea is still  scared with the mascot, Hamburglar.  She was happily enjoying the musical game, just the 4 them, two older boys and Xianne and her and suddenly she quickly ran toward her daddy. She saw Hamburglar inside the party room. So there, still she’s scared with mascots. We don’t know how to keep her from being frightened with mascots. It’s only in her 1st birthday party that we allowed a mascot then after that we always request that mascots should not appear as opposite as to what parents would usually arrange for.

When we attended Jairus birthday party Ate Andrea was asking where the party was since mostly of the guests were adults and they were only 4 kids and 2 babies there. Anyway, they enjoyed the food especially the fried chicken and as well as the ube cake and the frostings on the cake. They played with the huge blue balloons and Sean found a new friend. Only that the balloons kept on exploding  that every time it would explode it was like a bomb explosion because of the big sound.

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Anya’s Tinkerbelle themed birthday party was one of the best, Mom Wen really worked her butt on it that she even had one week leave just to prepare for the big celebration of her princess. She ordered online from some of her party supplies and she hired someone to decorate the place and turned it into a Tinkerbelle’s den. Andrea came to the party as a fairy (and specifically Elina as she would insist on it) and Sean as Superman but he was in deep slumber so he got no chance in wearing his costume since he woke up on the middle of the magic show.The kids had fun watching the magic show of the Junglezone staff, then the Pinata and lots of stuffs in the lovely purple loot bags which my kids can’t keep themselves from eating almost all the candies and chips and Andrea giggled upon seeing a Tinkerbelle pad with images to color in some pages and lots of stickers. A VCD movie of Peter Pan served as the give away and my kids enjoyed in re-watching it the following day as if they never have watched it before and still they are afraid of Captain Hook. And of course, the rides in Junglezone but it was only ate Andrea who had the chance to play since I had lots of things with me so we (me and Sean) preferred to go to Homes ‘R Us instead. And we love the Milk Fish and the Carbonara, as catered by La Rochelle (Restaurant is located in Al Sadd). For you Tita Wen Congrats! I know you combed all the stores in Doha just to find the things you need and you are one cool momma for that.

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Kuya MJ’s birthday party in McDo I guess was also fun, as  can be seen from ate Andrea’s face when we arrived there (we were late) since me and Sean had to do our grocery and do some window shopping while dad N was watching Formula 1. We were so happy to be reunited with old good friends and it seems like these never-ending parties after all will have no end since after this comes Ate Shey’s big birthday party bash as she turns 7 next week then Faith will turn two on the 14th and my brother’s big day and then our own princess 4th birthday party.

And in between those kiddie parties were also birthdays of my dear friends: Neth, Jinky, Ninay Rachelle, Manay Daryl and soon Ninay Obin.

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  1. wow, your friends really know how to give birthdays. such a lavish celebration and so creative!

    my poor kids never had this kind of birthday elaborateness.

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