Big School Here I Come!




Two more weeks and our daughter, Andrea Lizette will start here formal education in Doha Montessori and British School (DMBS) as KG1. Last Monday, Aug 20 together with her BFF Xianne and family we went to their school to inquire about the school uniform and some other important informations. We were given a info guide with all the rules and class schedules for the autumn, spring and summer terms and as well as the dos’ and don’ts in the school.

Then we were directed to the store in Salwa Road in front of Mercedes Benz showroom, to the Zaks store, from where we can buy  the uniforms and they are also selling other uniforms for schools like American School, Park House, Doha College and many others. The uniforms are quite costly, I bought 3 pieces of  size 4 dress uniform at Qr. 95 each, a P.E. shirt for Qr.50 and a trouser for Qr. 60. And we have to come back for the cricket hat and jacket with school logo. They are also selling book bags, shoes and school bags.

As of today she woke up earlier (5 am)  than the other days, as we prepare her biological clock with an earlier schedule of sleeping and waking so as not to shock her system when her school starts.

She’s looking forward to starting her new school. She’s so excited that she would always ask us how many days more before the school starts. She’s always telling stories of how it would be in her new school. I guess she’s more matured now unlike when she went to Mulberry Bush for her play school that longer time was spent in waking her up and she did lots of antics so that she’ll not go there. We are as well as happy as she is and I guess this is it. Her mind is set into something she like to do. And that’s a good start!

There are lots of moments that she tested our patience. There are lots of funny stories, some are horrifying just to let her stay in the house and not go to the nursery. She was not out of excuses and alibis and she was so quick on plans just to spare her in going to the play school. That was how it went when she started going there but gradually she accepted it.There was a time that I thought her dad send her already to the nursery but they ended up touring the city of Doha because she kept on crying. That time her dad was having his vacation so she just wanted to stay in the house and play with her dad and her brother. The puking antics came and the scared dad did not let her go to school even that they were already indide the gate instead he let her see what happens to kids who don’t go to school. He told her and showed her what would she’ll become if she’ll not go to school. They parked near a construction site ( as if my daughter is a boy that she’ll end up as a construction laborer if she’ll not go to school) to let her see how hard to have a job as a laborer. They went to a police station. They went to a maid agency. It was funny and at the same time annoying. But still you ended up in the nursery coz I  brought you there even if I had to trick you in getting inside the gate until we reached the office of the admin then to the classroom.

Things like these, stories of your childhood, of how you evolve on maturities in some aspects taught us lessons; it’s not only you my dear who learned a lesson but also us your loving parents.

We love you that’s why we have to mold you, to educate you and to discipline you.

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