being rushed!

My mind is so fidgety at one point I’m thinking of writing about Andréa’s new milestone but here I am focused on our new issue on tenancy. My God! Where on earth can you find a landlord who doesn’t know the meaning of the validity of the contract he and Sandro had signed? As far as I know, if the landlord had signed a certain document and as agreed by the lessee it should be binding for both of them and no further alteration as to the content of that document until the day that contract will terminate. But for him he want to give as an increase almost doubling our monthly rental (which is very absurd!) or else he is giving us a one month notice to vacate the villa. I’m sure he did not understand the word “contract” itself because if he does then he should know that both parties agreed that the period of our contract with him is not yet finished; it is for two years.

Being here in a Muslim country in Middle east and bombarded such an issue is very mind boggling I even started packing all our old stuff, even my husband is very firm on standing to our rights and defending ourselves but still I have second thoughts after all sometimes Muslim laws are not that fixed and I want to have a simple and quiet life here in abroad.

Even in a layman’s understanding or view on that issue surely we’ll get the good side of it but I don’t want hassles especially we have a baby and we don’t have families here. Hopefully, our landlord’s mind would be cleared with all those impurities of greediness for money especially that he is celebrating with his family the holy month of Ramadan. What’s the use of fasting when in fact your deeds are in conflict with your thoughts?

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