baby’s frenzy!

one more day and voila! princess will turn to her seventh month. what’s new with her is her too much agitation everytime she find something that amuses her. it’s her frenzied state that would turn you to a punching bag. it’s her new attitude, if she’s so happy she’ll box you and even if she’s angry she’ll do the same. worst is her shouting act, she knows where to strike, when she wants her “dodo puppy” or a toy she’ll shout at the top of her lungs. this little tyrant knows her way much. she’s still a baby for theater 101 class, but dare not this little pumpkin she knows how to stage a fake cry. one moment she’s laughing and after just a second she’ll be shrieking and crying while laughing.

i can still remember when she was just a week old then, she was so cranky that time that almost all of us did not have a decent sleep. i was still weak from my 14 hours very tiring and hard labor and with all the aching stitches i still managed to help them, i am so thankful that my everloving parents were here to help us. we had that dark circles around our eyes and it’s like attending to 10 babies rather than one. eversince she was so demanding, she wants that you’ll be always with her all the time. after 3 months her sleeping schedule was stabilized. thanks heavens all of us was given a break.
in retrospect, all our hard labor were given back by her sweet smile after two weeks. with her toothless smile all my worries of her of not being okay were gone. maybe, it was my part of the post partum stage. sometimes i got paranoid of sids (sudden infant death syndrome) that every now and then i would check on my little angel if she’s breathing or not. i got affected of too much reading about pregnancy, caring of babies, and avoiding bad incidents for the baby.

as for daddy, he was so excited and happy with our dear princess sweet smile. how we wished that she’ll be always a happy and bubbly baby.

maybe, her shouting behavior will just go away on its own. let her have some of her antics but not too much to let her be spoiled.

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