ate shania: my adopted daughter

we have an indian neighbor cyrus and monica. they are very friendly and nice people with two toddlers one is 4 and a half that’s shania and the other is 2 years and two months old, sara. this little shania acts like a grown up lady, she’ll come to our house and ask for some make-up or nail polish. at first i was adamant to give her but then, what’s the big fuss with it, so i let her use my cosmetics. i’m amazed, it seems that she know where to put the right stuff on her face. in fairness, she did not turn herself to a clown, she’s really a big lady inside a body of a 4 year-old.
aside from her being maarte she likes also to play with my little munchkin princess. she loves her like her true sister. sometimes, she’ll tell me that our house is also her home. how sweet she is, for me she’s also my child. as time passed by it seems that our bond became like that of a true mother and daughter, everytime that she’ll see that our front door is open she’ll run to our home. i’m just afraid of the thought that one day monica will get jealous and became angry with her daughter’s fancy for another momsy.
everytime we’ll go outside, she’ll tell us if she can come with us. even if she’s around in the house, she acts like it’s her house too. she’ll open cupboards to find something to eat and if she finds she’ll say, “auntie can i have this please?” such a darling she knows how to ask permission first before she’ll take anything. and whenever my little princess becomes cranky she’ll play with her or recite some poems or nursery rhymes.
last saturday we went to chursh at parish center for the sunday mass, we brought her with us. she remained behave but at the middle of the mass she fell asleep. nath was obliged to carry her til the mass ended. we felt that time that we have two kids one is snooring in deep slumber while princess was shouting at the top of her lungs. wheeew!

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