Ate Angela

my precious princess first squabble with ate angela. she is our filipina one year old and two months baby neighbor, she’s her naughty little “kiti-kiti” playmate. the first time they had their playdate it was not that riotic as now. nina will just kiss her hand or legs or face but she never screams at her, but the new phase of their level of being kiti-kiti found its way: now, whenever the two get hold with each other, nina will start shouting at princess like she wants her to be out of her sight and princess also would do some outrageous antics like whenever nina would get her head near her she’ll pull and tug all her hair. what happened to these two best buddies? so what we did is to give them enough space that nobody will hurt each other. ate nina enjoyed again her 10 inches space from princess she’s gone nuts with the “otso-otso” dance,while princess just tap her hands on her toes and nibbles her little fat momsy right toe.

and again there it goes the two little kiti-kitis’ start being good friends again, not to mention their squabble of their “dodo puppys’ (feeding bottle). nina most of the time grabs princess dodo puppy maybe, she thinks that it’s hers; can’t detect which hers coz their dodo puppy’s were almost the same, big and round white feeding bottles (like the size of our coffee cups).

sometimes ate would play like a very good toodler she’ll give princess her toys and my baby would accept them with all her heart coz she’s been given something to munch with. all the stuff would go direct to her beautiful mouth. eversince she started droolling she can’t help herself but eat all the stuffs that her hands would get to.

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