at this moment

)Name the last four things you bought:
= gifts for Xena and Ebenezer, chocolates, scented candle, and gift wrap

2) Name four drinks you regularly drink:
= water, hot tea, iced tea, mango juice

3) Last time you cried?=
I don’t want to remember

4) What’s in your cd player?
= nothing for me but baby songs for Andrea

5) What’s under your bed?
= toys of my adorable toddler

6) What time did you wake up today?
= 9:00 am

7) Current hair?
= shoulder-length hair

8) Current clothes?
= I’m wearing my usual clothes while I’m in the house, blouse and shorts

10) Current worry?
= transferring to the new flat, when it gonna be happen…I want to move out now!

11) Current hate?
= our Pakistani landlord, who doesn’t know the meaning of a contract and who has no soul at all, he can be liken to a mad dog!!!

12) Favorite places to be?
= Corniche, Applebee’s, City Center and Intercon Hotel

13) Least favorite place?
= wala

14) If you could play an instrument?
= hmmm…before when I was in my grade school, an ukulele

15) Favorite color(s)?
= pink, white and baby blue

16) How tall are you?
= 5’2”

17) Current favorite word? words?
= none

18) One person from your past you wish you couldgo back and talk to:
= no one

19) Favorite days?
=Friday and Saturday, that’s my loving hubby’s day off

20) Where would you like to go?
= anywhere as long as we would be having fun there and it is okay for a toddler

21) Where do you want to live when you get married?
= in a serene place, wherein no one would intervene with us

22) Favorite food(s)?
= chicken espetada, fried hamour, mushroom steak, and Caesar salad with thousand island dressing

23) Colors of most clothes you own:
= white, pink, blue and red

24) Number of pillows you sleep w/?
= only 1 but I’m surrounded with 8 pillows

25) What do you wear when you go to sleep:
= shirt and shorts or a pajama

26) What were you doing 12AM last night:
= I’m in my dreamland

27) How old will you be in 10 yrs:
= I’ll be 35 then

28) What do you think you’ll be doing in 10years:
=I will be running my own business, enjoying my kids and touring Europe and Asia with my family

29) Do you have braces?=
I don’t need one.

30) Are you paranoid?!
= sometimes…

31) Do you burn or tan?
= both

32) What is the brand of your wallet(s)?
= mango, nine west and oasis

33) Your alarm clock?
= wala, I don’t need alarmclocks I have my daughter to wake me up.

34) Brand of shampoo?
= pantene

36) Notebook?
= hmmm…singapura

37) First real memory of something?
=can’t remember

38) First screen name?
= dimple

39) First piercing/tattoo?
= nope!

40) First enemy?
= can’t remember

41) Good cry?
= I had…a lot!!!

42) Last library book checked out?
= hmmm…can’t remember that was the time I was still in college

43) Last person you yelled at?
= our landlord

44) Last beverage drank?
= pepsi

48) Last annoyance?
= 2 days ago

49) Last disappointment?
= wala

50) Last thing you wrote?
= about my existence here in this beautiful world?

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