Asian Games: The Games of Your Life

The countdown for the 15th Asian Games here in Doha, Qatar is nearing to its end, it’s just a day away and lucky for us to have tickets for the rehearsal of the Opening Ceremony today at 6 pm until 10 pm. They won’t allow cameras, videos and cellphones with camera so I’ll think of some ways on how I would keep my digicam with me. Thanks Ninay F for the tickets!!!

The Grand Opening Ceremony on December 1st at the Khalifa Stadium costs Qr. 500.00 (it’s too costly for us to buy!) and given the chance to have a glimpse on how it would gonna be on the big day is more than enough than not to be able to see the start of the event at all. My brother saw the first rehearsal and told us that it was really awesome.

Nath purchased online some of the tickets that we want to watch like tennis, gymnastic and synchronized swimming and my brother (a volunteer) has some free tickets also.

There are rumors that there would be 10 days vacation for all employees and if that would really happen then we’ll have another 10 days to enjoy with Dad Nath.

How about you? What games would you want to watch?

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