Art Jam with Sean

Yeasterday morning I enjoyed a bonding time with my son in a different activity. We did not watched airplanes in You Tube as his new fascination or the  new “in thing” for him now (it’s like he has an inkling on becoming a pilot) nor watched his backyardigans, barney or little einsteins tv series in xbox but  we did some art activity, we did some painting. I’m so proud of his imagination of an airplane in an abstract form.

We’ll have ample time for rest, sleep, play, do some activities with the kids, or how about get in touch with the nature or hang out with friends and beach would be nice too! For 9 consecutive days starting tomorrow, there’ll be no early wake up calls, no work for Dad Nath and no school for Andrea. And i’m happy that Hiro came back! Happy Eid Everyone!

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