Another Trip to the Dentist

We went again to the dentist in Qatar Medical Clinic for my scheduled visit. I got a treat, a total polishing and an amalgam restoration, one of my molar’s filling need to be replaced or else it would cause another problem. I guess, there would be no more hesitations in going back to the dentist. I have this attitude of delaying dental stuffs but not when problem occurs like what I had before Eid. And good that my wisdom tooth is bugging me no more. I guess it got the space that it needs.

Polishing and cleaning costs QR. 200 riyals and amalgam filling is Qr 150 riyals and consultation fee is Qr 100 riyals. I asked the dentist about teeth whitening but it’s quite costly Qr 2500 riyals. Need to save for that 🙂

Princess was befriended by the dentist. On our first visit with her, the dentist gave her stickers; one is the Barbie sticker and the other one is a ducky sticker with the note “I was good at the doctor’s today!”. She was so happy with the stickers and on our next visit we brought her along with us to introduce her more on these dental stuffs. And she sat quietly and observed keenly on what was happening with Momsy while the dentist drilled, cleaned, polished and filled one of my molars with amalgam.

I guess, that was quite an introduction in going to the dentist for her, and surely, she’ll manage well if it’s going to be her trip.

The great part is that all my dental expenses were shouldered by my hubby’s company and til next time after six months again.

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