Andrea’s First Garangao


As the middle part of the Holy Month of Ramadan rolled on the children experienced again the Garangao festival. It is the Khaleeji halloween and part of the festivity is singing of garangao songs by the children and each household especially the elder women prepare huge sacks of every kind of nuts and sweets or as what they called it “halawa” and treat every children who knocks on their door. Children hop on door to door for sweets and nuts. It is like giving food to the disadvantaged people in the world and the music and daces show the traditions of the country.

And my daughter experienced her first Garangao festival in her school. Each pupil was asked to be dressed in their national costume by the teacher and also to bring loot bags full of nuts and sweets and they sang songs and visited other classes and shared with them their loot bags and they’re also given back sort of exchange of goodies. And Andrea went hone happily with all her goodies and shared it with her brother Sean.

She wore a traditional Qatari girl outfit for Garangao as we don’t have with us the Filipiniana dress (I guess next time we would be more ready with her costumes).Her BFF Xianne in an Igorot outfit.

garangao-kids.jpg   classmates.jpg

kids4.jpg   1.jpg

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  1. they are absolutely adorable in those costumes. is garangao kind of like halloween, when kids wear costumes and go trick or treat?

  2. yup tita belle! i guess it’s the halloween version here in the middle east but they (Qatari kids) usually wear their traditional clothes. And kids go door to door to ask for some sweets or nuts. It was fun!

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