Andrea’s First Day in School


Last week, our daughter Ate Andrea started her school in DMBS as KG 4. We woke up early at 6 am on Sept. 4 even we knew that we can go there in between 8 am to 9 am since the school Principal, Ms. Sandra Williams will give us instructions as to where our daughter’s room will be. We headed straight to the administration office and Ms. Sandra asked us which class our daughter we’ll be attending and I told her that she’s in KG 3. As she flipped through her records Andrea’s name can’t be found (silly us we didn’t check her name on the information board near the gate as we already know that she’ll be in KG 3) so she asked us again the family name then only to find out that she’s already in KG 4.

We were led to the KG4-Yellow classroom by one of the school staff and Andrea happily told her teacher her name when she was asked then quickly ran to the group of other kids in the front who are already singing with the assistant teacher. But I found out that in their record she has only Andrea as her name without the second name Lizette, so I informed them that it should be Andrea Lizette.

Her dad was also excited and very supportive that he applied for a leave of absence for one day just to make sure that everything will be okay. The only problem was that we don’t have transport since the school has no school bus. Luckily our friend Mavis was able to find one with an Indian driver but the problem is he’ll not be available on time with the 12:15 dismissal of classes and we don’t want to pay another 600 riyals just to let them stay in the classroom until 1:15 so another option is to find another driver who would transport us. We met some Filipino moms too there and they were kind enough to tell us that maybe our daughter can go with their transport but after a long discussion the Filipino driver can’t accommodate us since he’ll be short of his time if he’s going to fetch me first before going to the school. And he can’t accommodate also Xianne (Princess BFF) since their house is in Old Airport, so we have to find another one. As school policy kids in KGs and Reception should be fetched by a parent or a guardian, so that mean me and Sean should fetch her and still she’s too young to manage to walk from her classroom to the parking area.

Andrea’s first day was a colorful one. She was bubbly and she came home with two flowers (instead of stars) on both hands as a sign that she did great in her first day at school. Even her teacher was happy to tell her dad that she was a good girl. She’s attentive to the instructions and she follows what the teacher told her to do.She missed her little brother very much that she hugged him tightly and kissed him on the car and she showed to Sean at once her 2 flowers on her hand. She told us their activities on the first day of school. And I know that she’ll be okay now, her mind was set in going to school and she’ll be fine. We told her how much we love her and we are happy for her. 

Some of her pictures during her first day in school:

 andrea5.jpg    andrea2.jpg  

 andrea3.jpg    bff.jpg

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