Am I Near to the North Pole?

I think this year is the coldest winter season that I ever experienced here in Qatar. And we are freezing here in our house especially in our bedroom in which case we have to transfer our mattress to the living room and sleep there until this cold season is over. And we are sleeping with two comforters and fleece blankets underneath the comforters. Every night I have to wrap my kids with fleece blankets and another comforter on the top. The lowest temperature this January dropped to 8 degrees.

Another area which I hate to stay is our kitchen, it’s really, really cold there. And you can’t find heaters in the market.

I guess this will go on for another 3 weeks or less and everything will be back to normal and our nomadic style of sleeping will come to its end.

2 Replies to “Am I Near to the North Pole?”

  1. hi dimpz,
    ganda naman ng site mo! am computer illiterate so my blog is rather boring.

    hope the weather in your place has improved. i know how cold is 8 degrees as the other day we had the same temperature here. But without a heater, how do you cope with it? Good thing, it is only ephemeral.

    by the way, you are a good writer. UP ka rin pala..sisters pala tayo. leave ka naman ng comment sa blog ko..pls.

  2. Hello Tita Belle!

    Thanks for the compliments though I’m not really a good writer nor a computer and a website geek, I just want to make some of my extra time worthwhile. Writing is like a breather for me whenever I feel happy or sad this is my own space wherein I can pour all my thoughts and feelings.

    Our weather here is becoming good and thanks God no more 8 degrees temperature.

    Yup! it’s only until the mid of February and summer will start then what we’ll be experiencing again is a boiling hot weather (as described by STR’s nephew from UK who visited him on a summer time) and high humidity.

    God Bless you and your family:)


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