All is Done in 3 Days

Christmas is just around the corner and I finished all my gift hunting and shopping and wrapping in 3 days (3 hours each day to be exact). Having my hubby and my kids with me in my shopping spree is not that difficult even it was done in installment for a week I just made sure that my kids are at their best mood or else everything would turn bad and would dampen my great mood.

Its an opportunity to shop while there’ s a discount in City Plaza Shops like, Babyshop, City Lifestyle and Home Center. With a list at hand and my husband being sweet and cooperative, he watched the kids while I made my scape to every aisle of the shop. It’s better that the two kids are with him so I can do it quickly. And I made sure that we came to the mall with full stomachs so that we’ll have all the energy and my kids would not bother their dad from time to time for a chicken nugget or milk.
Having the idea of what to give as a gift to every person in your list is a nice step to make it faster. There are lots of nice yet expensive things to give but I made sure that the thing that I’m going to give would make a kid or a person smile and not frown. And one thing to keep in mind is to stick to your budget.
Being decisive is good too. If I found the thing nice I grab it than have the thinking of maybe, I’ll find a nicer toy in another shop. It will only prolong any procrastination in getting the chore done.

Gifts need not be expensive but what’s important is it comes from my heart.

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