A Wonderful Day!

As days passed on, and the Eid Holidays are coming to its end, being stagnated inside of our abode with no outdoor activities I had to be innovative and creative in entertaining my kids. As promised to my daughter, Andrea, we spent the other day coloring her new coloring book and doing some painting stuff.


We recycled the old cardboards and biscuits box and turned them to this!


Andrea wanted to have a garden with butterflies in it so, I draw flowers and butterflies, cut it and she did the painting. What a terrific and wonderful day!


My 1 year old, Sean did his part too! Have a look! The strokes with green colors were his and momsy just added some colors.


Their playroom turned out to be like this on one side of the wall…


And Andrea is begging for more…She wants Momsy to draw and cut out more of the animals and she’ll paint. I guess, she want this room to be a garden and a mini zoo.

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