A very Long Happy Weekend!

Our weekend started with the 1st birthday party of my inaanak Angela in their house then followed by a late night booze with the QAFAC family group in Ninong Yam’s house. All the dads were in a mood for a drink and singing galore. This time nobody got tipsy and the party ended at 2 in the morning but the problem was we can’t go home, our car was sandwiched with two other cars. Thanks to the rude owners of the other cars who purposedly parked close to the rear and nose of our car. It’s wee hours so we had no choice but to leave our car there and let Dad Yam drive us to our house.

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We woke up very late the following day and went only to Lander’s place with Ninay Jinky for ate Andre’s Cinderella gown. I did not buy the C gown in Marks and Spencer. I was not satisfied it seems that there’s something lacking with it so I decided to just find somebody to make it. And the timing is perfect Ate Shey will be having her 7th birthday and they know the perfect guy who makes best gowns in weddings and other celebrations.

Ate Andrea and Ate Shey insisted of going to KFC and we ended up there. They played for awhile including Sean.

And our Saturday was very exciting yet tiring. We started our day at 5:30 am we woke up very early because we had a schedule, it was a swimming day in Intercon Hotel. Ate Princess was very happy as well as Sean. They met a 19 months old Aussy boy in the kiddie pool. They played a lot. The smile in Sean’s face, the happiness of Ate Andrea are so overwhelming. They kept on thanking Mom May for inviting us there. And thanks to Bima too. Our names are still in the system and we still have 35% discount on membership fee, so we’ll think about joining the health club there again.

Lunchtime was spent in another friend’s house. Kuya Edgar asked STR to fix two old computers so there. Together with Mom May and Dad Yam we went to Kuya Edgar’s house. Kuya Edgar cooked sinigang na hipon, it’s so yummy with some kangkong vegies and the fried hammour (lapu-lapu), the sweet watermelon and they have cake. STR finished fixing the computers nearly 5 pm so three families proceeded to Villagio Mall for our groceries and some window shopping. And we were home at 8 in the evening. Everybody went straight to bed after changing clothes and I woke up and remembered that I still have to call my bosom friend who happens to be back here in Doha from a long vacation. 

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  1. the mere mention of sinigang na hipon suddenly make be insanely hungry. and the fried lapu-lapu is also a torture.

    looks like you all had a blast! have a good weekend.

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