A Touch of Style!

Isn’t it nice to receive a gift with a stylish wrap or to give a gift with an extra touch? With so much birthday parties to attend to (mostly kiddie birthday parties) I always make sure to give a gift that would somehow make the celebrant more happy unless he/she is still a baby, in that case the mom will be the one smiling from ear to ear with a beautifully wrapped gift. I make sure that the gift would be functional or would be a source of delight to the receiver. I want that it would be a thing to cherish and be remembered.

For kids as much as possible I would give books and other educational toys and for the babies usually I go for a safer kind of gift it could be a beautiful pink dress with the emphasis on the size that somehow the baby could use the dress for a longer time. For newborn babies usually I would buy receiving blankets with mittens, with matching cap, booties and a dress.

For my friends usually I would give inspirational or most of the time recipe books. I’m happy to know that Sassy Lawyer would soon publish her Pinoy Food blog and this could be the best resipe book to give to those friends of mine who are still novice in the kitchen or to those who are newlyweds.

I use and recycle old shoe boxes, different kind of wrapping materials with different colors and textures. Any embelishment that could give a highlight to the gift and it became a habit of buying wrapping papers eventhough I don’t need one so that I wouldn’t be combing the city when the need arises.

My good finds are from Jarir Bookstore, Daiso, Al Rawnaq in Old Airport and some are from Carrefour.

This is just one of the many gifts that I fancy taking pictures before giving:


other pics are still in my other external hard disk show you later…

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