A Happy BABY!

Sean is on his 7th month now and he changed a lot, physically and mentally and his development leaped from being a peaceful baby to bouncing yelling baby who happens to love his voice echo on our house from time to time especially when he’s overflowing with excitement and happiness.
Sometimes he caught me off guarded with his voice, of course, i was and still am like on the deja vu stage with my andrea’s feminine yet loud noise when she was in sean’s age. i was accustomed to a loud blabbering by my first born at this age but sean’s more powerful than hers. of course he’s a baby boy so what’s next?
His body is so sleek and lean and very quick to twist and turn that sometimes if you’ll not hold him tight he’ll gonna end with a crashing thud on the floor. He gulps a lot of water, yes! not only sips but gulps.He doesn’t know how to suck from a bottle. Until this month he loves only my unadulterated milk and some solid foods but we have to be wathcful with what food we give him coz his skin is so sensitive–which means, no fish, no chicken, no eggs, no nuts and other legumes, no dairies and no sea foods or else he’ll be as red as a lobster.
He has a very good appetite but the problem is he has an allergy. But anyway, as long as he is healthy and we ‘ll keep him healthy and stay away with those allergens.
He’s a tall baby. Funny, he’s fairer than his older sister sometimes when we’re in a mall some ladies would ask us if sean is a girl. He has this oozing aura of being a baby magnet everytime we are outside. He’s always wearing blues and white shirts and shoes but still most of the time he’ll be mistaken as a baby girl. He always smiles sweetly and hug us. We love you Sean!

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