A Grand Royal 7th Birthday Bash

Our friends’ daughter, Jannah Rasheya “Ate Shey” had her 7th birthday celebration last Wednesday, September 12. Her grand birthday bash was held in Al Ghazal Club, Doha. It was a success as planned by the royal mom, Tita Jinky. The party started with a slideshow of a video clip of Jannah from birth up to the present time. All her firsts; her first step, her first solids, all her baby pictures were shown and nobody would say that she is not a treasured child. From birth until now she’s been nurtured with love and guidance by her mom and dad. It was followed by the presentation of the celebrant by the emcees. Then the program was followed by the celebrant’s walk with her escort, the ever handsome Kuya Gio around the hall. Tita Nova led us the opening prayer then the emcees shared the importance of celebrating 7th birthdays. How they are being celebrated in other countries with other cultures.  

Then it was the time for 7 balloons, Ate Shey’s first dance was her dad, Tito randy the followed by the 7 boys (her friends). Each of them gave Ate Shey a balloon then they danced, then the 7 Gifts from dear and close friends and relatives and then the 7 candles composed of young girls some are of her age and the others are just nearing their 4th birthdays like my daughter, Ate Andrea. It was a night to remember, every body came in formal attire and the girls were wearing gowns and boys in 3-piece suits or tuxedos. Even though some did not comply with the “strictly formal” note in the invitation, what is important is that all the dear friends were there to celebrate Ate Shey’s big day. The decorations in the party hall were excellent and everything went well as planned.   

The party hall can accommodate more than 300 guests but it ‘s a huge place and the stage was decorated with a palace, a big banner and facing the stage on the left there was the beautifully made 5 layered pink cake and on the right side the was the decor stand for give aways.  Two signature frames were positioned on the entrance for the guests to scribble something for the celebrant and it was also handed to those who are late comers by the usherettes and ushers.Some of the celebrant’s friends rendered songs while the guests were dining and it was one happy grand 7th birthday. Almost everybody came with cameras and video cameras including moi, so just imagine the clicking’s of the cameras while the program was on and then after the kids had fun running around the huge party hall including my son and my daughter. 

Picture taking proceeded on in accordance to the birthday agenda as can be read from the party program which the celebrant’s mom made so there was no rushing to the stage from the guests. The celebrant’s family first then together with Nanay (Ate Shey’s grandma) then with relatives followed by the 7 baqlloons, the 7 gifts and the seven candles, with the cotillion de honor participants and then the sacred heart of jesus choir. It was a nice idea; with that sequence or order of group picture taking surely they had wonderful shots as there was no nuisance on the stage. And of course, Tita Jinky hired a professional photographer and a cameraman so I’ll be waiting to have some of the beautifully taken pictures so as to post some here in my blog.

Congratulations Tita Jinky and Tito Randy, it was indeed a memorable night not only for Jannah but for everyone. 

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3 Replies to “A Grand Royal 7th Birthday Bash”

  1. wow, this is what i call grand! how lucky of ate shey to have experienced this one of a kind birthday celebration.

    and you all look great in your beautiful formal outfit. one quick question, did ate andrea change gowns from pink to orange? or was the other gown taken during the rehearsal?

  2. Thanks Tita Belle! YUp, indeed, it was a grand celebration.

    Ate Andrea was in her orange gown then after the program she changed into her pink gown.

  3. Tita Dimple,

    Salamat po ng marami…. for such a very informative and affirming decsription of my Princess 7th Birthday actually as I have told my husband you have described the party better than I did. he he he ……

    Salamat ng marami ulit sa lahat……….

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