A Good Start!

“Gusto kong maging vegan.” (I want to be a vegetarian.) My husband e-mailed me yesterday about this. He’s quite serious and he was about to snob the meal that i cooked (I prepared tacos yesterday). I told him that okay it’s his last day to eat beef. And when we went to Carrefour at City Center almost all of our groceries were composed of fruits and vegetables not even a single meat. Wow! I hope that this is a good start of a new lifestyle that will make us more healthy. I, too decided to join this bandwagon but I need to have more determination on this. Whew!

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  1. Thanks for posting this and letting know the whole world of my decision, hehehe.

    But just to clarify some stuffs: Vegan is not the same as being vegetarian. Vegans shun all animal products, wherein Vegetarians do not.

    There are different types of vegetarians:
    Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarians – They eat eggs and dairy products. This is more common in Western side of the world.

    Lacto-Vegetarians – They eat dairy products, but refuse eggs. This is what more Indian does.

    Ovo-Vegetarians – They accept eggs but refuse dairy products. Uhmm, this is a relatively uncommon form of vegetarian, hehehe.

    Other people for health and diet reasons, refuse all red meat, but eat poultry and fish/seafood.

    And me in particular at this stage I will simply eliminate meat and poultry but I will still eat fish/seafood.

    Therefore, hehehe, I’m not categorically considered as vegetarian nor much more as a vegan. Maybe what I’m doing right now is simply a subset of omnivorous diet.

    Well, next, we will try to be a vegetarian, and then hopefully and finally a vegan.


  2. Oh well, whatever! The important thing is there’s the determination to become healthier. You can do it!

  3. defensive si sandro! hehehe… but whatever makes you happy and healthy tsong! mami-miss ka lang namin pag lumalafang na kami ng bbq spare ribs, steak at iba pa. pero di bale dami naman kami na ikakain ka. good luck on you chosen path to a better life! hehehe

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