Days of a stay at home mom and an adorable baby munchkin

Princess and mom want to go shopping again but shopping festival is not yet on so better to wait and save some bucks. nothing much to do today, waiting for my baby to wake up so i can call ninay teks and ask her what she’s doin now maybe, she can drop by together with chris in the house and we’ll cook and watch movies. maybe, going to city center and watch “troy” would be better. watching tfc is becoming boring, news are horrible lots of crimes and prices of goods are going higher and higher …nothing, nothing good and interesting. kakasawa na rin ang morning girls as well as ang mtb…hmmmmn!!!
i’ll just wait for princess to wake up and have my phone calls done and we’ll be into our game again: running all over our spacious villa and doin’ some hide and seek game. yesterday, while i was loading some laundry baby ganda started doin’ some peekaboos and after she’s running after me with her loud babbles and laughter. then daddy came from the office and joined us.

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