Thank You Daddyiou!



I got a surprise gift (iPhone3GS)  from daddyiou. He told me that he want to upgrade his iPhone and I said yes. Little did I know that it was for me.

He ordered it from Australia and it’s already officially unlocked by Apple. So thankful that Daddy God gave me a husband so loving, caring and thoughtful. And most of all very loyal and honest.

I remembered my 1st iPhone was given as a surprise gift for our 5th anniversary two years ago and now this one nearly on our seventh.

My little boy is hooked to some game applications like Balloonimals, Flight Control and Pocket God.

And what’s in my phone? I have the built in compass, 1Password, Airphones,,Ambiance,Autostitch (love this), bargain bin, Bump (for sharing with friends, literally just bump 2 iphones and there voila!), cartoon wars, chef, color splash, Cro-mag, Cyber Toy, Discovery, Doodle Fight, Ebay, Enigmo, Evernote, Facebook, Fairies Lite, FedEx Mobile,Fieldrunners, Genius, GLoball, Google, Grocery iQ,Habit Factor, Health Coach, I Dig It, iDisk, iFitness (hubs using this too), Jelly Car (my little boy’s fave too), Kindle, Mover+, MX Mayhem, NYTimes, Parapanic, Postman, PTO, Quizzing (for the kids), Ranch rush, Ressurection, Roadee, Sally’s Salon, Shazam, Sheep…Free, Skype, SpongeBob, touchPhysics, Turbo Subs, Tweetdeck, Twitterific,WhiteNoise,Wifi tark, YM,Zoo Sounds, 100 Pushups, Spider, TUAW and Things.

Now what more could I ask for? hehehe…

Little Joys of Farming

We always have this conversation, me and my husband to retire in a province and enjoy a laid back life with a house and a little farm of our own wherein we can get our vegetables and fruits for our everyday healthy food.

Little did I know that I got hooked with farming earlier than expected already (yes! we are not that old yet!) They are game applications in Facebook: the Farmville and Farmtown. Enjoying the plowing, planting seeds and harvesting. Not only fruits and vegetables but lots of animals too to harvest milk, shear fur from sheep and collect eggs. My kids, they also enjoy harvesting in my farm. Liking more FB than FS:)