Happy New Year!

Have a Blessed and Prosperous New Year! Let’s rejoice for another year of blessedness, a year full of love and hope that it would be peaceful too. Too busy for this holiday season and I guess more postings would follow when I’m not too occupied with lots of preparations and kids activities. Until then, my prayers and warm hugs to all my great and simple friends. 

A New Mac User

I love really my Mac! How many times you’ve read that line in my previous entry with my pics taken by my mac with its built-in camera, the iSight but what’s more pretty is the iPhoto. Pictures taken with my iPhone is very easy to download, i’ll just connect my iPhone to my macbook then in the iPhoto pictures are segregated to different albums in the Events. Like for example I have lots of pictures taken in different places and in different dates and Events would group each photos according to its group not putting it in one single folder. So how’s that for a treat? It really saves my time in trying to find that specific picture or pictures that i want to post in my main website, or in my multiply account or simply in my friendster. How about if in your pictures some of your characters got that red eye? No big deal with iPhoto it has always a solution. You can crop, adjust and enhance the setting of the colors, as what I always do in my pictures.

Now, I’m exploring its iMovie. And if you are not really a mac user I know you need time to get the hang of it but it’s very visual so it’s easy to use. I highly recommend a Macbook if ever you want to ditch your old laptop. You deserve more and you can get it from a Macbook. With my old laptop it took me a whole week just to upload my kids pictures to Shutterfly in making the photo books but with my new Macbook it was really fast.And surely, it’s only with Mac!Thanks to my husband without him I wouldn’t know these things. He’s the one encouraging almost all of our friends aside from myself to shift from their current laptops and use a Macbook. I guess Apple should give him something for that he he he.

I’ve used window’s Vista after windows XP and Linux as my hubby want our kids to be enlightened with Linux by the way that’s how our son Sean got his second name (Linus) as the operating system of our old desktop and as well as with our another seemingly old laptop but really what I have with my new mac os x 10.5.1 leopard is great, much great than the other operating systems. As I myself is not a computer geek, from a lay man’s point of view I found it more useful, very functional, and very easy to use and of course with some help of the short cuts with the keyboard and mac tips from the web.I’m still waiting for my book, the Macs for Dummies and surely I’ll be spending more time learning my new pal.

I’ve got nothing but all praises for my mac. Buying a mac is like buying a BMW. If you prefer quality then go for a Mac computer. But most us would say that Apple’s computers are very pricey but mind you you’re only adding more moolah and then you’ll be enjoying it 50 times more of the other computers.Another thing is with a Mac computer you’ll not be needing any spyware, any anti-virus unlike your Windows machine. And see, that’s why most of the Windows computers that we normally use are very slow and that anti-virus would explain why. And talk about resale value. After 2 to 3 years your Windows machine, normally it would depreciate of course it’s value would go down but with Mac reading from some reviews you wouldn’t be thinking of losing a lot if you want to resell it.And it’s not about the logo at the back of the case nor the appearance but I’m more keen on the quality of how it works. Some people buy things because of the brand but for me I buy the brand that suits my needs and that satisfies me. I became only a fan of Apple when my husband gave me an Apple product, the iPhone and with it I was so surprised with its revolutionary applications. It was really superbly made and until now it stands to its throne as the most wanted gift of the year. Apple products are not cheap but it make wonders. And it was like an epiphany for me.

The New Look of our Christmas Tree

Thanks to the magic touch of Ninay Robin. It became his “panata” that every Christmas he’ll decorate the Christmas trees of his friends and we really appreciate your early x-mas gift to us. A bunch of thanks again!

An Excerpt from My Bosom’s Blog

on fwiendship:”I read in the alchemist that sometimes it’s better to leave things the way they are. I agree. I realized that there will come a point in time when you’ll get tired trying to fix things up, you’ll wake up one day thinking that you don’t really need these people and all of the dramas that go along dealing with them. Sometimes people just stop hoping =( But the sad thing is, deep in their hearts, they still end up waiting…”True! I visit my bosom friend’s blog in friendster very often and her forte in writing never wanes. It’s good that somehow even though we are so far from our friends who are very close to our hearts but we feel more closer by just reminiscing those memories that through the time like an aged wine, the longer that it’s hidden in the cellar the better it would taste.