Andrea’s First Garangao


As the middle part of the Holy Month of Ramadan rolled on the children experienced again the Garangao festival. It is the Khaleeji halloween and part of the festivity is singing of garangao songs by the children and each household especially the elder women prepare huge sacks of every kind of nuts and sweets or as what they called it “halawa” and treat every children who knocks on their door. Children hop on door to door for sweets and nuts. It is like giving food to the disadvantaged people in the world and the music and daces show the traditions of the country.

And my daughter experienced her first Garangao festival in her school. Each pupil was asked to be dressed in their national costume by the teacher and also to bring loot bags full of nuts and sweets and they sang songs and visited other classes and shared with them their loot bags and they’re also given back sort of exchange of goodies. And Andrea went hone happily with all her goodies and shared it with her brother Sean.

She wore a traditional Qatari girl outfit for Garangao as we don’t have with us the Filipiniana dress (I guess next time we would be more ready with her costumes).Her BFF Xianne in an Igorot outfit.

garangao-kids.jpg   classmates.jpg

kids4.jpg   1.jpg

A Close Encounter with iPhone!

 iphone.jpg   iphone1.jpg

Last night my hubby did not sleep early he had a task at hand, to unlock the iphone. His officemate bought an iphone, it took him around 30 minutes at first then he did it again in lesser period of time. We tested almost all of its functions and it’s really cool! I guess we could order now using our aramex account to ship it here:).

A dream Come True! Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!


Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! A Dream Come True! Last September 21st (Friday) our daughter turned 4 and we celebrated her birthday with the company of our dear close friends. It was one successful event with the help of our friends.

The venue is in Bennigans Tavern and Grill in Khalifa Squash and Tennis Complex and we went there at 4 pm to decorate the playing area and some of the dining area designated only for our guests. We are so lucky to have angels, our friends who were there to help us like Mavis and Tita Jinky (the godmother of the celebrant) who helped us in inflating some of the balloons in their house making them into table toppers and transporting them to the venue and lastly she transported her gift (the birthday cake) from Ate Mayette to Bennigans again. We are also thankful to Tanc and Olivia who came here for their 3 days in-transit/vacation and they helped us in anyway that they can. They helped us in carrying the stuffs that we need, inflating more balloons, did the connections of the gadgets that we need for the party as it was not included in the services of Bennigans and they took some of the pictures and they were so cool to be with. The same with Mavis, she was there to help us in decorating the place and turned out to be a co-host of Ninong Robin during the program during the kiddy games. We really appreciate your help guys and we thank you so much for everything. You are really our angels in disguise!

It was kind of hard in decorating the place since there were other kids who kept on taking the balloons and also some of the cake toppers and I was also thankful that that kid returned it back to us, the Ariel cake topper. It was like we had to put to some unused garbage bags almost all of the inflated balloons or else we would end up with nothing before the party starts.

The party started with a prayer by ate Jannah Rasheya, a very close friend of the celebrant who sometimes acts as a real ate to Princess and followed by a song (reflection) from the movie Mulan by Andrea’s BFF (best friend forever). And the celebrant was very touched by the gesture that she kept on saying, “I love you Xiannelle!” And then followed by a dance number by one also Andrea’s close friend, Ate Anjela. It was hosted by the ever vibrant and jolly Ninong Robin. Thanks Sissy for the help!

It was followed by the kiddy games. This time it was Mavis who hosted the games with “the bring me” game first. The kids knew this game very much that they were on guard f what they are suppose to bring to the party host and the moment they got the message of what they bring they quickly ran to their parents for assistance. Kids were told to bring, a 10 riyal bill, a white hair, a shoe lace, and other stuffs. It was followed by the musical chair game then the stop dance which we had to let them be all the winners since almost all of them were so into it that they really know the game.  The birthday celebrant asked me if she can go down from her throne to be with the dancing kids. She enjoyed every moment of it and our friend Olivia asked Mom May why almost all of them were doing the same moves. And that’s because the music was from a noon time show that almost I guess of the Pinoys were watching in their everyday lives here I Doha.   

Then it was the time for the singing of happy birthday and blowing of the candles. We gathered around the birthday cake, which I almost made all of the decors in its stand and Andrea felt all the happiness I guess as we sang happy birthday to her and party poppers were opened and she blew her candles. The birthday cake was given by her NInay Jinky and family and another present from mom May and dad Yam, a tray full of yummy brownies for everyone to enjoy.

And the pulling of piñata came, we could not hang it there so we just decided to let uncle Tanc hold it up high and let the Ate Andrea pull the strings. Kids got crazy with all of the candies on the floor and as well as the celebrant.

Then the last part of the program was the awarding of the best in costume for the girls and boys. It was Angelie with a Grecian white gown attire who won and Kuya Ahsan in his traditional Pakistani outfit.    

Tito X-tian, our dear friend was the photographer. He’s always kind that even it was so tiring to bring his very heavy for professional photographers only cannon 400 D camera he patiently took pictures of the celebrant with family and with friends in each table. Uncle Noy is also the official video man cum carrier of other stuffs to the party room. To Tita Wen, thanks also for printing the name tags for the kids how we wish that you and your family were there:)

And what followed next was a sumptuous meal with Bennigans…

Here’s the Menu:

The Appetizers:

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Chicken Quesadilla

Chicken Country Salad

Main Course:

Fried Sea Food Platter with the side dish of corn and vegetables

Chicken Kebab with Rice and mashed potato

Shamrock Pasta

Monte Cristo

Chicken Strips with coleslaw and steamed vegetables as side dishes

Refillable Iced Tea

The Kids Meal:

Kids chosed from the ff:

Chicken a Little (chicken strips with fries)

Kid Burger

Hot Diggity Dog

Kid’s Fish and Chips


The Birthday chocolate cake made by ate Mayette

As they ate, a ceramic ballerina inside a purple and pink pouch with a tag on it were distributed to the guests and loot bags for the kids with Disney princess and friends stickers, colored pencils, assorted candies and chocolates. And lots of tattoos’ and stickers were also given to the kids.

We thank you also Ninay Jinky again for lending us the balloon poles and the nicely made castle (by Kuya Eric).

It was indeed a very happy birthday bash, our princess was so ecstatic with joy even though she was tired  since we were in the place from 4 pm until 10 pm.

T o all our friends and the staffs of Bennigans thank you very much.

princessandrea.jpg   ateandreaq.jpg

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family.jpg   bday11.jpg

with-tita-mavis.jpg  pinata.jpg

cake-stand.jpg   give-aways.jpg

loot-bags.jpg   bday2.jpg

cinderellagown1.jpg   andreabday4.jpg

To view more birthday pictures of our princess just click the link below:


PeeChurs by Mr. Apple

One fine weekend morning  while having our breakfast we found ourselves fascinated by one of the many amazing functions of my brothers new laptop. 🙂 Silly us! or you might say, funny faces heheeheh:)

pic.jpg   pic1.jpg 

pic3.jpg   pic4.jpg

pic5.jpg    pic6.jpg


or how about these pictures?

peechur.jpg   peechur2.jpg


Happy Kids

Ate Shey’s Grand Birthday Celebration Part III: Kids Havin’ Fun

As the parents were enjoying the night chatting with friends while having dinner so as the kids in the party hall. They were running, chasing one another and other smaller imps were trying to hide under the tables.

kids.jpg   kids1.jpg

kids2.jpg   kids3.jpg

kids5.jpg   kid4.jpg

kid6.jpg   lass.jpg

Cotillion de Honor

Ate Shey’s Grand BIrthday Celebration Part II: The Cotillion de HOnor

Usually, Cotillion de Honor is a higlight during 18th birthdays but Mom Jinky included this in Ate Shey’s birthday to make some twist in the celebration. Ate Shey and her friends danced to Waltz NO. 1 while the guests were dining.

cotillion11.jpg   cotillion12.jpg

cotillion13.jpg   cotillion14.jpg

cotillion15.jpg   cotillion16.jpg

cotillion17.jpg   cotillion18.jpg

A Grand Royal 7th Birthday Bash

Our friends’ daughter, Jannah Rasheya “Ate Shey” had her 7th birthday celebration last Wednesday, September 12. Her grand birthday bash was held in Al Ghazal Club, Doha. It was a success as planned by the royal mom, Tita Jinky. The party started with a slideshow of a video clip of Jannah from birth up to the present time. All her firsts; her first step, her first solids, all her baby pictures were shown and nobody would say that she is not a treasured child. From birth until now she’s been nurtured with love and guidance by her mom and dad. It was followed by the presentation of the celebrant by the emcees. Then the program was followed by the celebrant’s walk with her escort, the ever handsome Kuya Gio around the hall. Tita Nova led us the opening prayer then the emcees shared the importance of celebrating 7th birthdays. How they are being celebrated in other countries with other cultures.  

Then it was the time for 7 balloons, Ate Shey’s first dance was her dad, Tito randy the followed by the 7 boys (her friends). Each of them gave Ate Shey a balloon then they danced, then the 7 Gifts from dear and close friends and relatives and then the 7 candles composed of young girls some are of her age and the others are just nearing their 4th birthdays like my daughter, Ate Andrea. It was a night to remember, every body came in formal attire and the girls were wearing gowns and boys in 3-piece suits or tuxedos. Even though some did not comply with the “strictly formal” note in the invitation, what is important is that all the dear friends were there to celebrate Ate Shey’s big day. The decorations in the party hall were excellent and everything went well as planned.   

The party hall can accommodate more than 300 guests but it ‘s a huge place and the stage was decorated with a palace, a big banner and facing the stage on the left there was the beautifully made 5 layered pink cake and on the right side the was the decor stand for give aways.  Two signature frames were positioned on the entrance for the guests to scribble something for the celebrant and it was also handed to those who are late comers by the usherettes and ushers.Some of the celebrant’s friends rendered songs while the guests were dining and it was one happy grand 7th birthday. Almost everybody came with cameras and video cameras including moi, so just imagine the clicking’s of the cameras while the program was on and then after the kids had fun running around the huge party hall including my son and my daughter. 

Picture taking proceeded on in accordance to the birthday agenda as can be read from the party program which the celebrant’s mom made so there was no rushing to the stage from the guests. The celebrant’s family first then together with Nanay (Ate Shey’s grandma) then with relatives followed by the 7 baqlloons, the 7 gifts and the seven candles, with the cotillion de honor participants and then the sacred heart of jesus choir. It was a nice idea; with that sequence or order of group picture taking surely they had wonderful shots as there was no nuisance on the stage. And of course, Tita Jinky hired a professional photographer and a cameraman so I’ll be waiting to have some of the beautifully taken pictures so as to post some here in my blog.

Congratulations Tita Jinky and Tito Randy, it was indeed a memorable night not only for Jannah but for everyone. 

 stage.jpg   castlepic.jpg

 cakestandjannah.jpg     giveaways.jpg  

 table.jpg   crown.jpg

 atejannah.jpg    atesheyandprincess.jpg

 gioandshey.jpg    ate.jpg  


 bday1.jpg   7gifts.jpg

 family1.jpg    famly.jpg

 gandas.jpg    ateprincess.jpg

 momdadsson.jpg    partyhall.jpg

 dadson.jpg    qchem.jpg

 four.jpg    titawen.jpg

foods.jpg   buffttable.jpg


Say Cheese!

These are the pictures that we took on the first day of Ate Andrea’s school while waiting for the Pinoy driver to come just to keep Sean occupied with something and it worked! 

sean.jpg   sean2.jpg   sean2.jpg

The Friday Group


During two consecutive Fridays our house was full of kids. They were practicing for Ate Shey’s cotillion for her seventh birthday party. As kids as they are, they are so bubbly and so energetic that they kept on chasing each other around the house. My two kids were so happy playing with them that each time that they have to leave they always cry. They want to play with them more and they want that Ate Shey would stay with us.

On the first practice, Tita Jinky brought cake and spaghetti with her since it was in time with her birthday. The kids can’t eat properly since ate Yanny, the liveliest and most animated girl in the group kept on cracking jokes so just imagine 12 energetic kids plus my two kids in one house.

On the second Friday, it was also their dress rehearsal, the girls looked so lovely in their gowns and as well as the handsome boys in their tuxedos. Ate Andrea asked me if she can wear a gown too so there she used her old gown, the one that she had for costume parties and my little boy danced beside the escort but Kuya Gio Accidentally elbowed him so he was so angry and he ran to me and cried.

Moms and dads of these kids were also very supportive that they allow their spare time to drive their kids to the house and mostly all moms were here in the house to coach them. I’ll post their pics as soon as the party will be over, one more week and it will be ate Shey’s 7th birthday