life keeps on rushing…

Always on the go, our family seems to be on a hectic days in a row. From yesterday we started our days late, it was so nice lying under the blanket till midday and have our brunch and run around the house like a mad dog just to finish all the chores and fly again to every place we want to go.

Like today, me and my munchkin woke up so late that we did not even knew that dad nath went already to the fish market and bought those big prawns. Mom dimple, for the first time cooked camaron rebosado, and take note it went so well.

After accompanying Dad Nath in Intercon Hotel for his swim we headed to City Center Mall for our groceries but went first to some shops, mommy can’t stop herself from indulging on some window shopping, just yesterday we went shopping in s. Oliver’s and dad nath kept on telling and bringing items to mommy dimple to try on and ended up on buying some clothes and shoes again.

Still counting on the days for our fast approaching vacation, can’t help ourselves from getting too much excited just to think that we’re heading to our dear country really keeps our adrenalin high. Mommy dimple started packing and unpacking things. Still not too sure how things would be on our first vacation as a budding family with a toddler. And of course buying and deciding on which item should be given as pasalubong to our families.

day out with the crabs!

Yesterday afternoon we headed off to Simaisma near al Khor for a weekend picnic and had some adventures in getting crabs. After putting up the tent we ate and waited for the night, obviously, the moon doesn’t want to wane even a little, so waiting goes for some time. And then they decided to start the search for crabs near the shore (but had to walk for about 1 km.) and we Princess, Raymond and jelay had to stay in the tent.
Having two kids and one toddler to attend to, I gave them some rules to follow so I’ll not be having some headache with them: no getting out from the tent to start off with. To keep them occupied I let them sing, dance and do some acting activities. Princess and mommy were the jurors.
After more than one hour some of our friends got back to the tent already and showed us their catch, fewer crabs were there compared to the last time they had. Me and Andréa went back to the car to let her have some sleep and I was wondering why dad nath and the rest of our friends were not yet there. I thought that maybe they are enjoying that much in the sea that they forgot what time it is already. In contrary to my belief, they got lost in the sea and headed to the wrong way, with no cell phone, watches are whatsoever device to contact us. They went near the town and asked some people to lend them their phones.
What an experience! Walking for more than two hours and having only two crabs for ninong yam and Arnold and ten crabs with dad nath and ninang may.

New Toddler on the Block!

Dad Nat had been so busy these past few days, coming home almost for consecutive days very late and sometimes had to go for work during his day-off, and princess and mom have to stay at home and wait for him till he arrives; quite a sad scenario isn’t it? But what can we do, his boss got those cheap consultants to save bucks and till now they are still facing the same issues and problems in their work. Enough for that matters, anyway, dad still managed to play with our li’l darling and have cuddly time with mommy.
Last Friday, we were in Ponderosa and after a fattening dinner and gastronomically satisfying dishes; steaks, chicken b-b-ques, different kinds of salads, desserts (Poor Princess she just got a cone but without an ice cream!), etc…we went to Jarir Bookstore and did not find the book “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren; instead bought two books, one is on how to raise a Princess….heheheheh (laughs!) “The Happiest Toddler on the Block” by Harvey Karp, M.D and the other one is “Chicken Soup for the Parents Soul”.
We are faced now with new issues on how to raise a toddler! Princess is on her way to toddler hood and most of the time we have difficulty in keeping her behave and stop the daily battle of wills. Aside from being hard headed, most if the time, she refuses to follow what we want to do with her, simple things like taking her daily vitamins and worst scenario would happen if taking her medicines are involved.
She has grown to be a mini me. Every now and then she follows what I do and in almost all of her gestures, attitudes and facial expressions I can mirror myself on my 1 year and almost one month Andrea.
The other night she went upstairs (with me behind her) all alone, she managed to get to second floor with all those more than twenty steps without taking rest. Such a determined and strong girl, she became more sociable and friendly. Wherever we go, she always finds ways to be connected with other people, like when we went to Corniche for a walk she ended up playing with other Arabic kids there and letting those kids eat her bread by putting bread on their mouth.
We started our countdown for our upcoming vacation and we are so excited to be home again with our gift to our parents, Princess Andréa Lizette.


For the past 3 days i was deprived of a decent sleep, until now i’m in front of this pc and making up w/ those days which i forgot to do for our blog…our daily existence here in this beautiful and mysterious world.
We’ve been to parties in a row…hmmmmm…additional calories to be worked on in a cross training machine and in the treadmill hopefully we’ll find time to go to gym and not stay that much in the pool. And take note, my leche flan goes international! hehehehe… I’ve been making my fave dessert to every birthday party for free, of course, once in a while it’s good to help and give friends some favor. Our Indian neighbor asked if I could make leche flan for the birthday party of Shania (my adopted daughter…that was before)
Back to healthy matters, my dear nath lost a lot of weight. He’s in the right track of his ideal weight from 90 kg. To 75kg; still it fluctuates whenever he ate in parties it jack up and on regular days, it remained the same. As for me, i’m so grateful that even though i don’t spend much time now in the gym, instead i go for a swim i kept on losing weight. But i still need to achieve my goal, i’m not yet there. Seems that princess really likes to swim also but i can’t let her coz her skin is still sensitive i don’t want to take the risk of having some allergies or whatsoever. Since birth i was using mineral water for bath so I’ll just wait till she’s a li’l bit older.
What’s new with our munchkin? Now, she can manage to walk great distances. In malls, parties, in intercon hotel and especially in the house she is always walking. Her stroller is no longer of use I think it would be more useful by the time Sean Linus (our dream baby boy by the year 2008, keep my fingers crossed) arrives. Not only that, but she’s a great debater now. If you’ll ask her or tell her something, she’ll instantly turn to her unending babbles. Of course, no exact words yet but she’s always saying something. And her hands are into some gestures like she’s in a debate and her face is full of emotion. Such a darling but sometimes we end up in a grueling argument for she wants always that what she wanted should be followed which most of the time I disagree. I don’t want her to be a rotten brat. You have to hit the rod while it is hot!