another milestone!

This week our baby munchkin was so persistent to master her new development: walking 🙂 we’re so excited to see her take a few steps, one step then she’ll tumble down, good that she just want to practice on our bed she got a trauma from her fall on the floor that caused her lips to bleed; such a wise and intelligent baby she doesn’t want anymore to try walking on hard surfaces. she wants always to achieve perfection, after her fall she’ll stand up again and take one and then two steps and gradually with her diligence and willpower to do what she wants then she can have a quick stride near to the edge of our bed post and then hold there quickly as she can so she’ll not tumble down again.
She’s like Haw, who belongs to the little people in the book: who moved my cheese!” Andréa doesn’t want to stay in one place and wait till she get what she wanted, instead she take a lot of action to go where she wants to go. Whenever there’s a change in her life, a development or whatever physical changes she’ll easily adapt to it. Like her teething, other babies had their hard time on that aspect but princess just blend with what’s happening inside her body. now, she’s having her eighth teeth! If there’s new with her she’ll put all her energy and enjoy it.
This serves us more inspiration to be like Haw and princess, always on the go to find new cheese! Bye, bye to Hem who always depend on somebody and just sit and whine. hello to sniify and scurry, i just think that andrea has lots of characteristics like them.
If ever somebody took it ( whatever it would be: be it job, money or whatsoever [success!]) away from us, we should try our best to adapt to that change and not just sit and wait for some miracles. Miracles do happen but it needs our participation on it.

Young Mom :)

I’m on my midtwenties now, but i’m the youngest mom in the group and I hate it when the other mom’s or older people say to me the “what-should-be” for the babies. It’s not that i hate suggestions, but it seems that what they are doing’ is not just for sharing a fact or some information on caring a baby, hence they seem to let me think that they know the right thing to do for my baby than me! You know, there’s that mother’s instinct, and as a mother you know it deep inside what would be good or bad for your baby. And i really hate it when somebody told me that: “Princess should not be wearing this stuff with some buckles on it coz she’s still a baby!” then, why Mother care, Next or other baby shops are selling it? I just want to dress my baby as trendy as possible and it’s not their money which I pay for my baby’s wardrobe!
Or sometimes they go very nosy; they’ll tell me that my baby is losing some weight. My baby is growing up so fast, she’s not just sleeping and staying in bed unlike before when she was just on her 1st to 4th month, now she’s crawling, cruising our house with her walker or by holding on furniture’s. Why they can’t get the idea that she’s taller than before and she’s more active. I don’t also want my baby to be fat and obese. I don’t want babies with protruding bellies! It’s not good to see them like pregnant babies. My baby is fine! She’s is healthy!!!
I want to tell them to mind their own business; they have their own children why not focus on them. I’m not cross at them; it’s not my cup of tea to go gaga over other kid’s shortcomings or inadequacies.
Sometimes, they don’t think that they hurt me when they tell me some things that surely I know. It’s like telling me things that they are the one who only know. There’s no exact rule on how you should raise your baby, what’s acceptable for one baby is not for the other. They should bear in mind that every person or baby is different from each other. If they believe on some ideas on how to raise their kids then i don’t give a damn with them and i really don’t care! Just please put your hands off on us!
It’s okay for me for that so called baby-derby, wherein one mother thinks that her baby is doing more than the other one, because every baby has its own pace of development. Like for princess’s babies’ friends, most of them are just on the same age level (still in their months but nearing their 1st year), other babies had their first tooth earlier than her but now Princess has more than what she have. Every baby has her/his own strength that could be a weakness of the other baby, and vice versa; but putting some biasness aside Princess is always ahead of what’s she should be doing or having in her every month. I keep track of her development and compare them to what’s said in or in I’m
not saying that my baby is better than the other babies, but what I’m trying to promote for us mothers’ is to be always on guard on how we attack each other. Try to be humane and proper when saying things. Think first if your statement is mean or not. It’s not bad to suggest things that certainly would benefit a person but you should at least be respectful and know your limits.
And to those who are not mothers yet but who acts that they know more than a mother, trying to put yourself in my shoe is not enough, you can’t connect to the real essence of being a mother when in the first place you weren’t there.