normal days of Rafael’s

it’s wednesday my hubby still has this hsg like virus on his body, i wish that he’ll be well tomorrow kasi ang hirap, he’s here in the house but we can’t cuddle the three of us baka mahawa si princess or ako. and princess keep on her new acting of being the master of our house. she’s really a grown up baby. her mental capacity is on the go but her physica ability makes her slow down and make her realize that she’s still a baby. she got irritated coz she wants to walk but she can’t. her mind is racing with lots of ideas on how she’ll play or what she wants to do but still she can’t do it. it’s hard!

we went to lulu hypermarket for our groceries, daddy nath can’t carry princess coz he has the virus so mom dimple has to do all the carrying of heavy-weight princess. she is quite behave but then she saw a girl eating cheese curls, i’m sure she wants some, so kept on smiling to the palestinian girl but the girl did not give her even one.

while we’re still sitting on the bench one indonesian 7th month boy came and sat also with us. his name is “iffif”, it seems that princess is more active and energetic with the baby boy. the mother of the baby boy is also friendly, so the two babies had their little chit-chat. iffif is like a small bunny he has already his two down teeth while princess just got the crown of her two front, down teeth. princess kept on showing off to iffif that she can stand with mom’s help for longer time while iffif just sit on his mom’s lap. the two bunnies held each other hands, maybe for them it’s saying goodbye to each other. and off they go with iffif.

after that we went to lebanese fruits and vegetables store and bought those big and sweet oranges and also bananas

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