Day Off!

mom dimple prepared a russian salad, steamed zhuchinni, broccoli,carrots and tomatoes and dad nath deep fried chicken and made some jacket potatoes…hmmmmn…what a wonderful day! just lazying nothing to do its a holiday for us! just eat, play with princess, watch movie and lakwatsa again. but princess is cranky and so lonely today; it’s here magic tooth, it’s popping out now kaya di sya mapalagay. no smiles, she’s not kiti-kiti today only wants to be cuddled by mom and dad. so sad for our dear loving princess but what can we do my baby you need that tooth and the rest to come. di ba, pamagsmile ka na ulit you’ll be like bunny the rabbit with your two front teeth!

i wonder if princess teeth will all come out, My God! she’ll finish all our food. she’s a fast easter at walang ina-ayawan anything she sees she wants to put it in her mouth and eat it.

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