The Nuisance

Have you ever had a nuisance caller? We have this caller who calls 4 times a day and he sounded like a man who has nothing to do for a day from a construction site or a place with a very annoying sound. He’s quite irritating just imagine myself putting my kids to a nap then the phone would ring or sometimes he would call as early as 7 in the morning; it’s like our landline number is part of his to call activity for 5 consecutive days.

So how on earth did that human being got our number? Maybe he randomly made a 7 digit number and dialled our number.

On his first call I told him “wrong number”. And then after a minute he called back again with urgency in his voice he’s telling something I can’t understand since he can’t speak straight English language and again I told him that I can’t understand what’s he’s saying and he’s calling again a wrong number  that’s the first day he called us.

The following day he called again twice then I called my hubby in his office to call this man so he’ll stop bothering us. By the way, this is his number 6619779, I memorized this number since the combination is easy to put in the head and heaven forbid me I want to wring his neck for not forgetting to call our number.

My hubby contacted this person thru that number and he denied that he placed a call to our landline number. Str told him that we have a caller ID in the house so we know who’s calling us but still he said that he did not call our number. My hubby got also pissed off that he called again this person and told him that we’ll report him to the police just to make him stop.

The 3rd day he called again. I did not answer the phone when his number registed as the caller then the 4th day and then the last day is the 5th day, he called only once then thanks God he stopped! I guess for now since he did not call our number again.

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  1. yup, the best thing to do is don’t answer the phone when he calls. he will stop and he will find again someone to victimize. if it continues though, i would definitely report it to the authorities because it is a form of harassment.

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