R.S.V.P. Us Please:)

I made an invitation card for my daughter’s 4th birthday party very much early, more than a month in advance and after making it I sent it at once to our friends with the emphasis on the R.SV.P.

Some friends replied at once to my invitation, stating their presence for the said party but they are only few, maybe the others have not yet opened my e-mail that’s why I did not receive a reply. If I receive an invitation to a party with RSVP then I would at once reply to the host, it’s like paying attention to the question if you’re going or not. Your firm indication would mean a lot to the party host. If RSVP is written on the invitation then the invited guests should tell the host wether or not they plan to come.

The reason behind why I had to send invites a month ahead is for me to have the fixed head count of who are going to come so that I can tell the restaurant the exact number of guests who are coming. This will keep me from overpaying foods for those guests who will not appear in the party. I need to know the quantity of the food that I’m going to order. I have to come up with the exact number of loot bags to prepare for the kids; how many for boys and how many for the girls. I need to know how many give aways should i buy. And that’s what RSVP is for. The term RSVP is from a french expression: ” respondez s’il vous plait”, meaning “please respond!” RSVP stands also for “Response Solicited for your Valuable Presence.”

Maybe their silence means a “yes”, they will come but then again it could mean “no”, they won’t come. Either of the two but I need an answer. Hope I could receive more replies and feedbacks if they’re coming or not.

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