Party Preparations

Theme: Disney Princess Friends Party

The celebrant, Andrea Lizette will be Cinderella. She’s going to be 4 years old. Why the disney princess and friends theme? The celebrant chosed this theme as she wanted to be one of the disney princesses. She loves playing Cinderella with her brother. And she loves wearing a gown with a crown on her head and a glass slipper.

All the kids should come in their best costume outfit and we’ll choose from the girls and as well as from the boys who has the most excellent outfit.

The Venue. It’s in Bennigans Khalifa Tennis and Squass Complex. We ordered already the foods that we want them to serve only that I still have to come up with the list of guests. RSVP us at once if you open your inbox friends.

Date and Time: September 21, 2007 (Friday) from 7:00 pm to 9:pm. Guests should come on time for there’s only a two –hour birthday party.

Party activities. (Done,  but I still have to confirm with other kids and moms).

Party Preparations:

Cake and Cake Stand–a gift from Ninang Jinky (hehehe her Ninay is so sweet)

Gowns made by Lander

Tiara borrowed from BFF Xiannelle (from one princess to another)

Invitation–done, I woke up 5 am 4 days ago and finished it after 30 minutes.

Loot Bags—bought from carrefour, dream, al rawnaq.

Give aways- bought from daiso is in hyatt plaza, al rawnaq in airport

Prizes for the games- from baby shop and al rawnaq

Party Host– confirmed. Ninay Robin will be the party host.

Decorations in the party hall- this is also from one princess to another. Thanks ate Shey! And the party mom–moi!

Video and Photography by Uncle Nonoy and Tito X-tian.

My to-do List:

1.       Buy Give aways and decorate them–done

2.       Additional loot items–done

3.       Candies for the pinata — done

4.       Picturial for the invitation– gown is not yet ready.

5.       Print Invitations –cancelled, Cost cutting, e-mail is a better option

6.       Pinata-I bought from Events, 3rd Flr. Royal Plaza, Al Sadd.

7.       Buy balloons in the ff. colors: magenta, blue, pink, lavender-X

8.       Shop for prizes (10 prizes)-done

9.       Buy video cam cartridge-X

10.   Print name tags-X Thnanks Tita Wen for offering your big help in printing the name tags. Mwah!

2 Replies to “Party Preparations”

  1. hi Tita Dimpz! I can help you out in printing the kids name tags.
    Got extra sticker labels. Just send me a list of the names.
    NO hassle really. I love doing this. 🙂

  2. Tita Wen Hello!

    Thanks very much for the offer!

    Oks, I’ll send to your e-mail the list of kids.

    Thanks a bunch! Mwah!

    You are an angel:)

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