Lolo’s Boy…on reminiscing some happy thoughts

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When we were in my parents place during our vacation my father and Sean got along quickly, they bonded, and most of the time Sean would look ahead for some playtime with his grandfather after office work. They would happily march together while singing some tagalog kiddie songs or play hide and seek.

Mornings before going to work Sean would reach out her cutie little arms to his lolo, he wants to go with him to his work and most of the time we had to hide if the lolo and lola would leave. Everyday that’s our routine if we happen to wake up early and the folks are still in the house preparing for another day in the school so it means another trick to Sean or else he’ll cry.

Each day it’s like Sean’s always in the arms of my father. I know for sure that papa would always remember and those sweet memories with his grandchildren will always be cherished in his heart. And I will always tell them those stories, those heart-touching experiences while with their grandparents. Even a simple story can make my kids grow with love towards their grandparents.

2 Replies to “Lolo’s Boy…on reminiscing some happy thoughts”

  1. i can see some similarities between lolo and Sean. look at the mouth! hehehe. at first, i thought he looked 100% str pero i could be wrong. ang lakas ng genes mo, dimpz!

  2. hahaha it’s true tita belle! i thought also that Sean looks like STR but as he grew up some of his features can be liken to my father and sometimes also to my FIL.

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