Just some statements and stories that would make your day…

Every Friday ang day off ng maid namin and as usual pagbalik nya she would tell us stories where they went and spent their time with her friends.

day off 1: When she came back around 9 pm, she told us that they spent their afternoon together with her friends in “KORNIKS!” I asked her again where on earth is Korniks. She told me, that it’s the place where we watched fireworks last eid holiday. It just hit me that the place she’s telling me was The Corniche.

day off 2: She came home a little bit earlier than the other day off’s, and I asked her if she had her dinner already. Her reply was, “Yes Ate, we ate at Picha Hut!!! What she mean is Pizza Hut.

ordinary day: I asked her what we have in the fridge for lunch. She came back and told me, “Ate, we still have chicken pilit!” I told her, “What?” I remember, what she mean is chicken fillet.

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