Friday Run-day


After our sunrise activity and swimming supposedly we should be at the house of our friend for a follow-up Xbox NBA match of X-tian and Nath and for more Wii and Nintendo DS games but we had to cancel it for we’ll be starved to death if we’re not going to do our every weekend grocery.

But Dad nath had another agenda in mind as he was planning to watch the Rakrakan Na concert of Bamboo and Kitchie Nadal in Khalifa Stadium with his friend D. And I fell guilty if I wouldn’t let him go since it’s more than a decade, 14 years to be exact the last time that he watched a concert. Yes, you’ve read it right. The last time he was in a crowd, yelling, dancing, grooving was during the Bon Jovi concert in Manila. So, he dropped us in Villagio Mall and promised to fetch us after the concert. Just imagine, one mom with two kids in tow having fun in the mall while Dad is away in his fun land too. But the fun stopped during the time that Sean decided to cast the bomb, he pooped.

But first, to kill time we enjoyed an hour of reading some books, flipping, scanning, and skipping pages of every book or novel that we fancy in Virgin Megastore. Andrea and Sean busied themselves flipping and giggling over their favorite books; the usual Barney, Disney princesses, Dora the Explorer to name a few. And later, they got an eye on some animals on display and they played for awhile.

Then we hang out in the fast food area. I let them eat slowly as they can as possible. Again they played with the toys they got from McDo and KFC (bad momma for always giving in to let them eat junk foods!) and after one hour we window shopped. I bought some things in The Body Shop and in the Naturelle shop.

Another hour had passed then we had our grocery. At first both of them were sitting inside the trolley but after our trip from aisle to aisle and then I can hardly push (with the sum of the weights of my kids, 37 kg. plus the goodies) the trolley my daughter decided to walk. Andrea helped me in every ways she can. She put onions, vegetables and fruits in plastic bags and carried them one by one to the weighing area and then put them back to the trolley. And who said that 4 years olds can’t be of help? But the fun moment stopped when Sean pooped. He did not want to sit on the trolley and whined and almost cried so I just carried him while pushing the trolley. Before the grumpy boy could throw his tantrum I had to make him comfortable or else it would be more difficult with a crying little boy and a heavy trolley.

After paying hurriedly we took a trip to the comfort room to clean Sean and waited for Dad Nath’s call while sitting down in one of the many benches in Villagio Mall. But the concert started late so we took a taxi home.

It was fun adventure and a great bonding for us but the only thing that I complained for was a bad backache. Kaya muntik ko ng MaBamboo si Nath kinabukasan! Just kidding!


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