day out with the crabs!

Yesterday afternoon we headed off to Simaisma near al Khor for a weekend picnic and had some adventures in getting crabs. After putting up the tent we ate and waited for the night, obviously, the moon doesn’t want to wane even a little, so waiting goes for some time. And then they decided to start the search for crabs near the shore (but had to walk for about 1 km.) and we Princess, Raymond and jelay had to stay in the tent.
Having two kids and one toddler to attend to, I gave them some rules to follow so I’ll not be having some headache with them: no getting out from the tent to start off with. To keep them occupied I let them sing, dance and do some acting activities. Princess and mommy were the jurors.
After more than one hour some of our friends got back to the tent already and showed us their catch, fewer crabs were there compared to the last time they had. Me and Andréa went back to the car to let her have some sleep and I was wondering why dad nath and the rest of our friends were not yet there. I thought that maybe they are enjoying that much in the sea that they forgot what time it is already. In contrary to my belief, they got lost in the sea and headed to the wrong way, with no cell phone, watches are whatsoever device to contact us. They went near the town and asked some people to lend them their phones.
What an experience! Walking for more than two hours and having only two crabs for ninong yam and Arnold and ten crabs with dad nath and ninang may.

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