Happy Bee-Day To Me!

Thanks for all the birthday greetings.. . Ang sarap ng feeling ng maraming bumabati, nakakataba ng puso…ang sarap ng maraming Friends…Thanks to all the overseas calls, greetings in YM, calls in skype, e-mails and texts in chikka from my family, friends and relatives. Thanks din po sa mga gifts:)

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Great Songs by Stephanie Mae





A great friend of mine Tita Belle has a very talented daughter Stephanie Mae who’s first CD is out in the market in US. This is her website in myspace and she has great personally made songs. Really, I would tell you she’s amazing and here songs are played in this radio station. My kids love to hear her songs. And everyday it became our habit to open her site and listen to her songs. Kudos to you Steph and of course to the person who always inspires me with her unwavering love for her kababayans Tita Belle. I’m proud of you and your family.

Friends, if you want to have her CD you can go to her online store.



Our New Year!

Our New Year’s Eve started with a mass in Parish Church and good that it was not too cold, the temperature was quite bearable but still we need the warmth of our jackets and sweaters. Sean was in deep slumber and Andrea was too tired standing since the mass was held outside the church and there were lots of people who attended the mass and there were no more chairs (or I guess there were no chairs at all) when we arrived so her daddy and her uncle did the carrying. It was a great feeling to start the year right by going to church and i felt very blessed and I offered a small prayer of thanks to Him for all the blessings that we always receive and for keeping us always safe. I can’t ask for more, it’s been a year of blessedness. A year full of surprises of the turn of events in our lives but it kept us stronger with our unwavering faith, we simply soared higher and even be more forgiving and loving despite all the hurdles that came our way. And all of those difficulties was well traversed because He was and always will be with us. 

On our way home we started the countdown for the new year, we were still in the signal near our house so when the clock in Paj struck 12 we all yelled “Happy New Year!” I told Andrea to jump to make her taller, I know there’s no truth to that but sometimes it’s hard to outgrow the usual norms you’ve grown with even you know that there’s no truth in it. 

When we reached the house we started to have our Media Noche. I prepared only one main dish, kare-kare and some desserts (gelatin with fruits, fruit salad and mango royale). I did the table setting and I was running around the house to make it tidy before going to church and of course I put the different kinds of fruits especially those that are circle in shape in a large bowl. In the afternoon, I asked dad Nath to do the grocery since we can’t go out coz Andrea had a fever in the morning and most of the stuffs needed to be bought were fruits. He arrived a little bit late for he had to go to souq to buy beef and most of the ingredients for the fruit salad. And from 6 p.m. both of us were too busy in the kitchen until 9 p.m. while the kids played a lot with their new toys.  

Andrea received the other toys which did not arrive on Christmas. She’s too happy to be the mommy of baby McKayla while Sean wanted to have his share of mommy hood too. He kept on feeding the baby doll with the milk bottle and even cuddles the doll when it cried. Sean kept on saying that all the toys that arrived were his. “All mine!” that’s Sean’s line. She even asked her sister to open the Rosella the Island Princess Barbie doll. And he opened our gift for his cousin without our knowledge and declared that it’s his.

 My two years old son is very conversant now that he even know how to make us agree on things he like but I explained to him that it’s not really for him. When we had our dinner the siblings kept on having a toast. I guess they love the clicking sound of the white wine glass. Usually for New Year Eve I do some table setting. I even wanted to have fresh flowers but I did not bother to ask Nath to buy fresh flowers I have to cut some expenses and start the year with some frugality to save more. 

Before the December ends me and my sweet hubby would have this self assessments of what things should be rectified, which should be developed or just another goal or plan be it long term or short term. It became our tradition to be open on things which should be discussed and it kept our relationship as husband and wife very strong. It’s just a simple question of how are we doing. What we need to do and how we would do it. KNowing what’s in each other’s mind is a big help. I won’t be surprising him with some aftermath of a suppressed ill feeling that’s being harbored silently in the deep recesses of my mind because I can talk it to him confidently and vice versa.

We always try to balance our roles in every aspect of our life. We want to be the great parents though its a difficult road yet all of us are learning, and by learning we can be great. No matter how hard it is, we can cope. And for this new year, 2008 we wish and hope for more success, love, happiness and great health. And from my family to yours we wish you a happy new year!

The New Look of our Christmas Tree

Thanks to the magic touch of Ninay Robin. It became his “panata” that every Christmas he’ll decorate the Christmas trees of his friends and we really appreciate your early x-mas gift to us. A bunch of thanks again!

An Excerpt from My Bosom’s Blog

on fwiendship:”I read in the alchemist that sometimes it’s better to leave things the way they are. I agree. I realized that there will come a point in time when you’ll get tired trying to fix things up, you’ll wake up one day thinking that you don’t really need these people and all of the dramas that go along dealing with them. Sometimes people just stop hoping =( But the sad thing is, deep in their hearts, they still end up waiting…”True! I visit my bosom friend’s blog in friendster very often and her forte in writing never wanes. It’s good that somehow even though we are so far from our friends who are very close to our hearts but we feel more closer by just reminiscing those memories that through the time like an aged wine, the longer that it’s hidden in the cellar the better it would taste.

Bday Party& Photo Shoot

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Last Friday we were in Dad Yam and Mom May’s place for Ninong Yam’s bday party and after a sumptuous meal we had a photo shoot. Thanks Tita Jinky for the pictures. I can use it as a Christmas card only that Ate Andrea seems like sleeping in our family picture. I guess we need to take another photo near our Christmas tree.

Dad Yam happy birthday! We Love you!

Mommas Day out

Last Wednesday we had a wonderful day out with other co-school moms. After sending my daughter my new friend Ida (Indonesian) together with Tina (Filipina) they talked me out in going to VIllagio Mall for some shopping spree and then came Mavis and Chocho (a Burmese nice old friend for 5 years). At first, I was so hesitant in going with them because I had a laundry basket full of clean clothes to be ironed but I guess I’m the least person who would not want to join a fun-filled day of window shopping. Yup, I did not intend to buy something I just want to chill out for half a day and then suffer my afternoon catching up on some of my chores which nobody would do aside from me.

We were joking to our husbands that me and my friend Mavis were new recruits that he should let me go with them. And there without much asking he told me yes and I asked Ida first to drop me in my house to get some things for my little boy before we proceed to Tina’s house as we waited for the 9 am opening of some shops in the mall. I thought that shops in VIllagio mall opens up at 10 am but I was wrong I guess The other 3 cool mommas were always on a shopping spree after sending their kids to school and I was not mistaken.:)

It was nice talking to Ida, we shared a lot of stories from our kids to some topics in our married lives and its good to widen my horizon with new good friends and I’m blessed with not only one but more wonderful friends.

When we reached Tina’s house I was so amazed with almost everything, from the architectural design of the villa to her furniture and of course the nice kidney shaped pool just in front of her floor length window, I can’t stop myself from admiring their place. It was so neat, spic and spanned villa, cozy and warm. And my son enjoyed playing inside the kiddy bedroom for Tina’s only son while us the cool mommas had our cappuccino and chit-chatted like there’ll be no tomorrow.

It was one happy half day holiday with friends and I ended up buying some stuffs for myself and for my kids in H & M shop. And I’m looking forward to another day out with you cool mommas.

A day with Great Pals

Last Thursday, our friends, the San Juan’s were here in the house to have some fun while it’s still holiday but not for dad Nath since he got back to work last Wednesday and for the kids to play and as well as the moms to catch up on some things and dads on the Xbox. At first I did not know what to prepare since almost all of our stock were almost finished since it was nearly a week since we bought our groceries.

 I raided my cabinets and I still have those penne and macaroni pastas so there problem solved plus I still have ground chicken and some packed mushrooms but the problem was I don’t have tomatoes nor tomato sauce. I called my friend to bring with them a can of tomato sauce. And there were still lots of vegetables so I made a stir fry with tofu and quail eggs and cooked another menu, the tofu in oyster sauce. And dad Nath bought cheese sticks and 2 big pizzas from Papa John’s so problem solved. And our friends brought with them chicken wings marinated in paprika and with some other spices and steamed crabs. It was a feast as contradictory to what I’ve thought at first that I’ve nothing to cook for our dinner.

We had a very long night and we knew that we should hit the bed early since another sunrise with our multiply family friends the following day would occur. And of course food are more delicious with the company of great friends.