Red, Red, Red…

Yummy Strawberries…


red capsicum for my stir fry


My lady bird on our fridge…

an Apple 

Andrea’s lunchbox

A toy from McDo



Half Term Break

Starting tomorrow til the 18h of February Andrea has no school and it’s time for us to rest, unwind, visit places, go to parks, visit the zoo, visit friends, a lot of playtime with Sean and friends and dine again at Romano’s macaroni and Grill and buy yummy doughnuts at Krispy and Kreme.:)

The New Look of our Christmas Tree

Thanks to the magic touch of Ninay Robin. It became his “panata” that every Christmas he’ll decorate the Christmas trees of his friends and we really appreciate your early x-mas gift to us. A bunch of thanks again!

Bday Party& Photo Shoot

dscf0692.JPG   dscf0694.JPG

rafael_family.JPG   dscf0667.JPG

dscf0666.JPG   dscf0698.JPG

ate_may__princess.JPG   dscf0675.JPG

Last Friday we were in Dad Yam and Mom May’s place for Ninong Yam’s bday party and after a sumptuous meal we had a photo shoot. Thanks Tita Jinky for the pictures. I can use it as a Christmas card only that Ate Andrea seems like sleeping in our family picture. I guess we need to take another photo near our Christmas tree.

Dad Yam happy birthday! We Love you!

Parents Evening at DMBS

Yesterday was our first experience of Parents Evening in our daughter’s school. This is the time that the parents will meet with the teacher and have the one-on-one talk about the overall assessment of our child’s performance and progress in class. Our schedule was 4:45 and there’s only 15 minutes allotted for each parents. At first I thought that I would be the only one who’ll go there for my hubby has been sick for quite a few days now. But good that he’s better and together with my family we went to the school.

When we entered the gate Andrea was so excited that she was running to her classroom but I told her to stop and wait for our turn since it’s just 4:20 pm. And one man, he’s also a father of I guess one of Andréa’s classmate made his way to approach us. He told us that he is the father of Hamza and his son is always talking about Princess. And eventually we introduced ourselves and it’s good to know that my kid is friendly.

Teacher N saw us and told us to get inside the classroom since nobody is there so we started to get to know how our daughter is doing in the school. The teacher showed to us all of Andrea’s work from the start of the school to the latest activity work and we are overjoyed with all the reports of her teacher. She’s doing great in the school. But we are more elated when the teacher told us about her great behavior in the class. We told the teacher that above all we are more concerned about her attitude than the academics because if the child has a rotten behavior then still her being an intellectual is nothing.

And our supposedly 15 minutes meeting ended up to 45 minutes. Teacher N told us that she’s so thankful to us for raising our daughter the right way and it  help them a lot especially in their class they are having different kids from different countries thus they have to deal with different cultures. She thanked us that her task of teaching my daughter became easier. And we are more proud of her for that.

In our way out of the classroom another parent greeted us and introduced as Jad’s dad and mom. And they told us that Princess is also one of Jad’s great friends. It’s really heart warming to know that your child is learning especially on human relationships which is for us very important. Again congratulations to our daughter you made us more proud of you. We love you very much