Bday Party& Photo Shoot

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Last Friday we were in Dad Yam and Mom May’s place for Ninong Yam’s bday party and after a sumptuous meal we had a photo shoot. Thanks Tita Jinky for the pictures. I can use it as a Christmas card only that Ate Andrea seems like sleeping in our family picture. I guess we need to take another photo near our Christmas tree.

Dad Yam happy birthday! We Love you!

2 Replies to “Bday Party& Photo Shoot”

  1. hi dimpz,

    nice pics! and you already set up your christmas tree?

    do you have a special program that lets you frame pictures like the ones above? i can never figure how to do it. we have photoshop elements and photoshop programs in our computer.

  2. Hi Tita Belle! HIndi po sa bahay namin yan, it’s the christmas tree of our ninang and ninong. Nagkataon po na bday ni ninong kaya nagpicturan na.
    Our friend Tita Jinky took those pics and she fixed them in shutterfly. that’s where I make also photo books.

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