A Certified Lola’s Girl

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They are the partner in crimes, my mama is the spoiler and she bacame a bratty while we were in my parents house. Everything that Ate Princess says she will just say amen. Almost all of my rules were being broken. And my mothers mantra …”paminsan-minsan lang naman…” Everyday her sugar dose would jack up. If she wants a candy or chocolate or anything she wants she’ll not ask me, for sure I will not give her sugar, errr….candies and she’ll go directly to her lola and within five minutes as quickly as she could or the househelp there’s the princess wish.

Everyday ate Princess would wake up very early and her question would be ” is mama still here?”And hurriedly she’d go out our bedroom and call for her mama. After eating breakfast she’ll go with her grandma to the school.

During lunchtime she’ll make another wish, that her mama would feed her. Oh my gulay! And there I go again I would tell her to eat her food without asking anybody’s assistance since she know it already. Being far from my folks, and we no longer have a househelp here in abroad I made sure of it to train my kids to be independent as much as possible. And while we are in my parents place I can’t help myself not to let her become so much dependent, or maybe, I was just afraid that the independency that i thought her would vanish and such inconsistency would pose as a problem when we go back home after the vacation.

It was more of a battle of the will, of whom to be followed and there it ended as our vacation was put to end.

I was happy that she has all the overflowing love from the grandparents especially from mama but I was too afraid that that love was changing her and that would make her a rotten brat.

And sometimes we have to draw the line between discipline and giving love. Sometimes too much pampering is not good. And from time to time Ate Princess would ask me lots of whys. It’s like my authority has been questioned if I’ll handle things differently as to what she’d experienced from her grandma. And for now she’s always looking forward to going on another vacation to her grandparents in Pinas for surely in her mind she’s truly loved by mama and in its truest sense she felt that love only that the dosage was too much. Maybe, it’s really like that when it comes to grandchildren, they are the apple of their eyes. Hokey, so I rest my case…he…he…he.

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  1. wow, princess is a lola’s girl indeed! and she was pretty focused on what she was doing, sign of a promising kid! lola looked so proud of her beautiful granddaughter.

  2. Super happy si ate princess while we were with my parents and she wants to stay in Pinas kaso nga we have to earn money here in abroad.:)

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