When You call it a day…

Literally, my hands are full this morning. From last night I’ve been cooking and baking for the food that my kids are bringing to the school for the culmination activity of the nutrition month.

Daughter brought a balanced diet meal good for 2 persons and son brought baked macaroni for all the classmates and teachers. And I thought that they need too disposable plates and forks so there i added them to the big plastic container.

Hubby asked how I managed to bring all of it. I told him your dear wifey has powers so there no need to go back the second time to the car for the rest of the things. Imagine a mother with a big trolley bag in her right shoulder and another backpack on the left and both hands bringing the big container box while kids holding on my arms. My daughter is so thoughtful to offer her help. She brought the broom that she’s required to bring and their lunchboxes.

Even too busy to prepare for every thing for my family, I’m happy to say that I feel satisfied and contented for what I’m doing for them. If you love what you are doing then you don’t feel tired.

Thanks God it’s another weekend again to enjoy and relax:) Happy weekend everyone!

We love you Mama Sie

Have you experienced being physically in but mentally out? Three weeks ago, my mother in law’s submission to enter the eternal life came that brought us and the rest of the family sorrow and grief. I can feel the agonizing pain that my hubby was feeling for I loved her too. She was like a real mother to me. She was a wonderful person with a big, big heart not only for her family but to the rest of the people around her in their town. She was loved by all. She’s a secret provider to those who are needy. She loves to help others. She’s an angel for most of the people.

In the eyes of my son and daughter she’s a wonderful grandma. They had great times together during our recent vacation. My son kept on asking me why grandma needs to go away. Why she will not be with us anymore. It’s difficult to let them understand about death. Telling them that she went to a place wherein she’ll not feel pain anymore, to a safer and happier place of eternity is somewhat vague for them at their young age to understand.

Every night my son would tell me that mommy will be old too, then die and with tears in his eyes he would say, “I don’t want you to die mommy.”

I gave him an assurance that mommy will stay with him forever no matter what happens.

Death in a family is difficult as well as acceptance. Every night we offer a rosary for her soul and fresh flowers in the altar. You will always be remembered and will always stay in our hearts for our love for you dear mother is great and vast.

Mourning is a very long process. And I guess it depends to  every persons how to deal with it. Only time and patience and more love from families, relatives and friends would be  great help for a person to move on with her/his life after the death of a loved one. After all we are all going to be in that direction at the end of our lives. Life must go on without forgetting those beloved who have gone to their eternal rests.

Proud to be Andrea’s mom

Andrea is in Grade 1 now. It’s been a big challenge for her to keep up with his classmates in speaking Tagalog (she can undertand Filipino language but can’t speak in a fluent way)  and to adjust to her new environment. It’s a big change for her. And we understand her totally. We kept on giving her more love, assurance and more motivation for her to adjust quickly in the new school.

She’s a bright kid. She can keep up with the lessons though most of them are new to her since the school that she was enrolled to before was a little bit delayed and one more thing the Filipino subject is new to her. She’s doing great. Only in Filipino and Social Studies she need to study more.

I can see myself in her during my elem. years, with too many extra curricular activities and clubs to participate and attend to. She’s a girl scout and she joined the chorale. And she’s a class officer too.

We told her that as long as she studies her lessons and she’s learning everyday and she’s happy then we’re okay with it. She said that it’s more tiring in the new school but she seconded it with a statement that she’s learning more.

We kept her disciplined and will continue to supervise them (my kids). I know being a mother is a difficult job but with the great results that we’re getting for staying at home and taking care of them is priceless. No amount of money can ever equal the quality of time, care and love that I spent and gave to my kids. Our love and guidance will be with you Ate. We love you very much!

Look Who’s Turning 4!

In a week’s time, our adorable boy will be 4. We planned and booked a simple celebration for him with his classmates in his classroom. His request is to have a Power ranger toy to add to his collection and a Power Ranger decor on his cake.
It’s been more than a month that he’s going to the school every weekdays and for that period of time he changed a lot. He’s more mature compared to the times that he just stayed at home.
He’s enjoying his school every bit. Every day he would come home with a new song, a new lesson learned and he turned to be more independent and more confident of himself.
In retrospect, on the first day of his school, he didn’t even cry. Upon entering the classroom, he sat down and played the legos on the table and listened to the teacher. His daddy and I waited outside of the classroom but we realized there’s no need to wait there- he’s very much ready to go to school. And every day if waken up to prepare for school he’s not difficult to wake up even his eyes are still close he would open his mouth to every spoonful of food. He is really a big boy now. Gone is my baby. He’s excellent in the school. Almost all of his tests are perfect. I’m beaming with pride to be his mother.
In each day, he’s the one who would ask for us to study his lessons. Going to school for him is like a play, no sweat. We talked to them (to Sean and his sister) that everyday they need to take a nap after school then study their lessons and make their assignments then they can play. And it’s working for us. I believe that each kid needs to rest as well not only study and play. So there our little boy is now becoming a big boy with big brain too! We love you!

Thankful that it’s a Weekend Again:)

Clad in a blue jeans and a red shirt with a green shawl and a black umbrella matched with a red slippers now, do I look like a multicolored peacock? Yes! I guess hehehe…With this boiling hot temperature here in Doha there’s this need to cover your whole body. And for the past days, sandstorms kept on bringing sands to your mouth as if I’ve never tasted it before, swirling and dancing to the winds music covering my kids face with a shawl is a must.

How I wish the cold months are already here but who am I to be asking this drastic change, only Mother Earth knows how it would be.

Indoor activities for kids are the only that we can enjoy for the moment. Great that it’s again weekend. Looking forward to going to our friend’s house for a post birthday celebration and house warming then a movie treat from daddyiou. We’ll watch Ice Age 3. Kids are beaming with joy and are too excited to be watching again in the big screen. And what’s the most important on a weekend? Going to church and giving our thanks to the unending pouring love and blessings from up.:)

Happy to be Back!

This main website of mine had gone on a very long hiatus. The itch to write again and post here is back so from time to time I’ll update this blog of mine. It will start to kick again:)