I’m Hooked!

Dr. House M.D.

“HOUSE, an innovative take on the medical drama, solves mysteries where the villain is a medical malady and the hero is an irreverent, controversial doctor who trusts no one, least of all his patients.”


I’m hooked with the TV series Dr. House MD. I love the sarcastic, callous, and arrogant character of Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) and I love his brain too! In 10 days I finished 2 seasons and I’m craving for more; it’s like if you start with one episode then you’ll end up with 5 more. I watched it while ironing or while taking some rests or whiles my toddler is having his snack (breastfeeding).

You’ll love him as well as hate him. And that’s how he should be or else the story would be boring just diagnosing, doing lab tests, analyzing through discussions with his team every unique case of diseases they in counter. The satirical design of Mr. House character for me is the one I love the most. He loves to be always bitchy with his team (Dr. Chase, Dr. Foreman and Dr. Cameron), patients to Dr. Cuddy and of course to his friend dr. Wilson and that’s Dr. House.

He’s brilliant, funny, intelligent, self-centered man limping with his cane. He’s the kind of a doctor who’ll let you wait for awhile just because his playing in his game boy and he can’t stop since he is in level 4 or whatever. And he doesn’t want to see his patients as much as possible. He is an antisocial diagnostician who loves to solve medical puzzles as it always make him on the go if his team would find out some symptoms which are rare for a certain disease. But I like his style the strait forward very vocal way of spilling the beans especially when patients have terminal cases of cancer. I love when he would make some nasty faces or when he would do some trick to his patients just to get the truth and make the process of giving medical attention more accurate.

But even if his character is like that he is well known as one of the best doctor. I like the way they presented to us in each episode the importance of being healthy but then again we can’t tell even if we are living a very healthy life sometimes illness just creep in when the least we expect it.

And now I’ll be bugging my friend to let me have the 3rd season and as well as some episodes in 4th season, maybe this weekend.

Check this out…the House-ism


P is for Pancakes!


Pancakes can make a difference! My daughter is not well today and her fever is not that high when we woke up this morning unlike last night and I asked her what she wants for breakfast, and in a split second she blurted “I want pancakes mommy!”  So there at least she started her day right with her favorite pancakes. And I’m in high hopes that she’ll be fine tomorrow so that she can go to school.

So what’s with my pancakes that they (only my family I guess!?!) really like so much? I do make some experiment in cooking pancakes. Sometimes I buy the ready mixed flour for the batter but I have to add something in it to adjust the taste or I make them from the scratch. I love to add cubed cheese and don’t forget to use fresh milk and eggs, for me it makes the pancake yummier.

If you’ll have breakfast with us you can see in each plate three different garnishing of pancakes; for Princess it should be only plain but inside her pancakes bursts with cheesy flavor, she likes with the Almarai cubed cheese; Sean’s with his chocolate pudding on top; and for Momsy my pancake is rolled with thinly sliced peaches or mangoes with wild blueberry preserve and I put some honey on top and that goes too with Dada. And depending on the taste that I want to have sometimes I put the Philadelphia cream cheese on top. So pancakes is not just about the batter but it’s about the toppings.

And if pancake is wanted as a snack in the afternoon it is served with ice cream on top plus a slice of leche flan. So how do you like your pancake?

Mommas Day out

Last Wednesday we had a wonderful day out with other co-school moms. After sending my daughter my new friend Ida (Indonesian) together with Tina (Filipina) they talked me out in going to VIllagio Mall for some shopping spree and then came Mavis and Chocho (a Burmese nice old friend for 5 years). At first, I was so hesitant in going with them because I had a laundry basket full of clean clothes to be ironed but I guess I’m the least person who would not want to join a fun-filled day of window shopping. Yup, I did not intend to buy something I just want to chill out for half a day and then suffer my afternoon catching up on some of my chores which nobody would do aside from me.

We were joking to our husbands that me and my friend Mavis were new recruits that he should let me go with them. And there without much asking he told me yes and I asked Ida first to drop me in my house to get some things for my little boy before we proceed to Tina’s house as we waited for the 9 am opening of some shops in the mall. I thought that shops in VIllagio mall opens up at 10 am but I was wrong I guess The other 3 cool mommas were always on a shopping spree after sending their kids to school and I was not mistaken.:)

It was nice talking to Ida, we shared a lot of stories from our kids to some topics in our married lives and its good to widen my horizon with new good friends and I’m blessed with not only one but more wonderful friends.

When we reached Tina’s house I was so amazed with almost everything, from the architectural design of the villa to her furniture and of course the nice kidney shaped pool just in front of her floor length window, I can’t stop myself from admiring their place. It was so neat, spic and spanned villa, cozy and warm. And my son enjoyed playing inside the kiddy bedroom for Tina’s only son while us the cool mommas had our cappuccino and chit-chatted like there’ll be no tomorrow.

It was one happy half day holiday with friends and I ended up buying some stuffs for myself and for my kids in H & M shop. And I’m looking forward to another day out with you cool mommas.

Friday Run-day


After our sunrise activity and swimming supposedly we should be at the house of our friend for a follow-up Xbox NBA match of X-tian and Nath and for more Wii and Nintendo DS games but we had to cancel it for we’ll be starved to death if we’re not going to do our every weekend grocery.

But Dad nath had another agenda in mind as he was planning to watch the Rakrakan Na concert of Bamboo and Kitchie Nadal in Khalifa Stadium with his friend D. And I fell guilty if I wouldn’t let him go since it’s more than a decade, 14 years to be exact the last time that he watched a concert. Yes, you’ve read it right. The last time he was in a crowd, yelling, dancing, grooving was during the Bon Jovi concert in Manila. So, he dropped us in Villagio Mall and promised to fetch us after the concert. Just imagine, one mom with two kids in tow having fun in the mall while Dad is away in his fun land too. But the fun stopped during the time that Sean decided to cast the bomb, he pooped.

But first, to kill time we enjoyed an hour of reading some books, flipping, scanning, and skipping pages of every book or novel that we fancy in Virgin Megastore. Andrea and Sean busied themselves flipping and giggling over their favorite books; the usual Barney, Disney princesses, Dora the Explorer to name a few. And later, they got an eye on some animals on display and they played for awhile.

Then we hang out in the fast food area. I let them eat slowly as they can as possible. Again they played with the toys they got from McDo and KFC (bad momma for always giving in to let them eat junk foods!) and after one hour we window shopped. I bought some things in The Body Shop and in the Naturelle shop.

Another hour had passed then we had our grocery. At first both of them were sitting inside the trolley but after our trip from aisle to aisle and then I can hardly push (with the sum of the weights of my kids, 37 kg. plus the goodies) the trolley my daughter decided to walk. Andrea helped me in every ways she can. She put onions, vegetables and fruits in plastic bags and carried them one by one to the weighing area and then put them back to the trolley. And who said that 4 years olds can’t be of help? But the fun moment stopped when Sean pooped. He did not want to sit on the trolley and whined and almost cried so I just carried him while pushing the trolley. Before the grumpy boy could throw his tantrum I had to make him comfortable or else it would be more difficult with a crying little boy and a heavy trolley.

After paying hurriedly we took a trip to the comfort room to clean Sean and waited for Dad Nath’s call while sitting down in one of the many benches in Villagio Mall. But the concert started late so we took a taxi home.

It was fun adventure and a great bonding for us but the only thing that I complained for was a bad backache. Kaya muntik ko ng MaBamboo si Nath kinabukasan! Just kidding!


A Wonderful Friday


We had a very hectic- full -of -fun activities Friday. We woke up at 4 am to ready the kids for another sunrise get together with friends in West Bay and for a swim. The kids were very easy to rouse up; now I know another technique, just tell them that they’ll go to the beach then they’ll be up without asking for another 5 minutes in bed and another 5 minutes of sitting in the kitchen while staring at nowhere outside the window. That’s how my kids start their day, it’s like their morning doze of coffee—the 5 minutes that can last to 10 minutes sort of “meditation”.

All the things needed were put in one round table the other night ready so that I’ll not panic the moment that we’ll leave. We reached our usual spot and 2 families were already there, titan jinky’s family and tita wen’s family. It was like 15 minutes before the sunrise. And again I love the serene surroundings and moment later the gray sky gave birth to a bright orange-pink sun, it was majestic. As it slowly rose and together with the kids we were caught in great awe by its beauty and the colors that it exuded illuminating more orangey hue. Ah, the beauty of nature at its best!

Andrea and Sean played a lot with their friends. Sean fell in love with a basket full of different kinds of Kuya Yuan’s dinosaurs and Andrea is itching to have her dip in the sea. The adults were busy munching on slice bread, bacons, hotdogs, spaghetti and sipping hot coffee. Thanks to Tita Jinky for the coffee, I was deprived with my usual one cup dosage of coffee for almost 4 days since we were out of stock. And my golly I had my second cup refilled.

Kids swam, collected shells and built sand castles, to sum it up it was a huge fun for all of us. Some of our friends did not make it, they did not wake up early, so folks surely there’ll be a next time and until next time our multiply group.

A day with Great Pals

Last Thursday, our friends, the San Juan’s were here in the house to have some fun while it’s still holiday but not for dad Nath since he got back to work last Wednesday and for the kids to play and as well as the moms to catch up on some things and dads on the Xbox. At first I did not know what to prepare since almost all of our stock were almost finished since it was nearly a week since we bought our groceries.

 I raided my cabinets and I still have those penne and macaroni pastas so there problem solved plus I still have ground chicken and some packed mushrooms but the problem was I don’t have tomatoes nor tomato sauce. I called my friend to bring with them a can of tomato sauce. And there were still lots of vegetables so I made a stir fry with tofu and quail eggs and cooked another menu, the tofu in oyster sauce. And dad Nath bought cheese sticks and 2 big pizzas from Papa John’s so problem solved. And our friends brought with them chicken wings marinated in paprika and with some other spices and steamed crabs. It was a feast as contradictory to what I’ve thought at first that I’ve nothing to cook for our dinner.

We had a very long night and we knew that we should hit the bed early since another sunrise with our multiply family friends the following day would occur. And of course food are more delicious with the company of great friends.

Eid Mubarak!

We don’t have any scheduled activity for the Eid Holiday except for a sunrise with a close family friend this coming Saturday as we only wanted to stay in our house, take a rest and enjoy the time that we don’t have to do some usual routines in short rejuvenate and have more time with the kids and the hubby or heheheh walang invitation to a party.

But we received lots of phone calls just this morning and we can’t turn down some invitations as we also love to be with our friends, always, so now in our tomorrow’s schedule we’ll be going to two houses good thing is that one is for lunch and the other one is for dinner.

Last night we went to D Center to buy for our groceries after we sent Mom may and Dad Yam to the airport and after finding the Satco store near Arab Roundabout since we thought that for the coming 3 days all groceries will be closed but after I paid all our goodies I asked the cashier when are they going to open after the Eid Holiday she replied that they’ll not be closed. Dang! We thought that we’ll be starved if we’re not going to have our groceries last night but we were wrong.  Let’s make the most of this short vacation. Eid Mubarak!

Art Jam with Sean

Yeasterday morning I enjoyed a bonding time with my son in a different activity. We did not watched airplanes in You Tube as his new fascination or the  new “in thing” for him now (it’s like he has an inkling on becoming a pilot) nor watched his backyardigans, barney or little einsteins tv series in xbox but  we did some art activity, we did some painting. I’m so proud of his imagination of an airplane in an abstract form.

We’ll have ample time for rest, sleep, play, do some activities with the kids, or how about get in touch with the nature or hang out with friends and beach would be nice too! For 9 consecutive days starting tomorrow, there’ll be no early wake up calls, no work for Dad Nath and no school for Andrea. And i’m happy that Hiro came back! Happy Eid Everyone!

I’m 1 M Richer!

hahaahha! Guys i received this in my inbox and how i wish that this is true! Spammers!!!

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