A Small Party with the Neighbors

Last night we had a party for our landlord since they’ll be returning to Pakistan so we arranged a small party for them. The temperature was not so hot and it’s not also humid so we were able to set a table outside and had a chance to know the other two new neighbors. The party started from 8 pm until nearly 2 in the morning.

Ate Liza cooked lamb chops, barbequed prawns, puto and arabic vegetables with bread  from a restaurant. I made leche flan, fruit salad but the original plan was buko salad unluckily my hubby was late so minus the buko it became fruit salad, yema and baked macaroni.

Subi cooked biryani rice alongside with it came the yogurt with some chopped vegies and Sameer made a cake topped with slices of mangoes and bananas.

The kids had a blast running around and playing with kuya Tahir, Kuya Hassan and Apa Mishal.

The men gathered around for some beers after the dinner and their long chit-chats are never-ending and  the moms had to go home ahead of them since the kids are already sleepy.

It’s good to have caring and friendly neighbors. Cheers to a life-long friendship!

Here are some photos taken during the get together:

kainan1.jpg   kidz.jpg   bff.jpg

I’m the photographer so don’t try to look for me heheheh:)

bm.jpg   prawns.jpg   lambchops.jpg

rice-biryani.jpg   yema.jpg   foods.jpg

The Weekenders!

Here’s a post of X-tian that would tell how we spent our weekends…

Next time I should also play the Wii, I like the boxing game.

I miss my friend Mavis:(

And Princess is always asking when Xianne would be back.

And this coming weekend lots of kiddie birthday parties to attend.

Happy Birthday Ate A and Kuya Haduy:)