2nd Rehearsal of the 15th Asian Games Opening Ceremony

Caution: Don’t read this if you have already a ticket for the Opening Ceremony of Asian Games….

I know, I would spoil whatever there’s to tell about the Opening Ceremony of the 15th Asian Games that would be held at the 50,000 seater Khalifa Stadium tomorrow but I’ll just tell a few.:)

Yesterday when we reached at the Khalifa Stadium before 5 pm we can’t go direct near the place but we have to go to the pick-up point wherein shuttle buses are waiting for the people who’ll watch the rehearsal, then the bus took us to the gate. There was a very strict security, all bags should be presented and the guards would put it under the x-ray machine and after that there’ll be a personal inspection. And each individual should be checked.

As I told in my last entry that I would make some ways to hide my digicam inside the bag of my kids, I wrapped it with my daughter’s dress and put it on the bottom of feeding bottles and some biscuits but to no avail there I was so ashamed that they have to confiscate it and let all those gadgets (my cellphone and digicam) be delivered to Gate No. 4, the don’t-you-think-you-know the rules glare of those Security were so intense and I was on the verge of denying that it wasn’t my daughter’s backpack. And even my bestfriend tried also of hiding her cellphone with camera in her make-up kit but they were able to find it also. I guess nobody made it. Everybody who tried to enter with cameras and cellphones were directed to Gate No. 4. This is the area wherein all the hardheaded individuals including myself should go first.

I let my hubby deposit all those stuffs and we started our way to the gate no. specified in our tickets. Getting there was so tiring we walked a lot! And with my two kids in tow and another 2 kids (one was able to get away while we were talking with the security about the unwanted gadgets and good that Hadi was just a few meters away from us and did not wander too much or else we would not be able to find him in that big and crowded stadium).

There was a one hour preliminary show before the 3 hours Opening Ceremony. There are volunteers showing to the spectators the stuffs inside the kit: a small electric fan (if switched on it will show a light), a bracelet that glows, a Qatar flag, a white ball, and a lot more. These things will be used while the opening show goes on.

The history of Qatar started with the meeting of the desert and the sea people.

The culture and traditions and some myths and more stories about Qatar and how it became a country. The trading of silk, gold, pearls and spices with other neighboring countries.
This big event in this country does not only focus on sports but they want to promote peace and harmony as Qataris in white thobe formed these words, “PEACE BE UPON YOU!”

The main attraction of the event was the floating boats and with all those dancers hanging mid-air with all those harness and the totality of the technical aspect like lighting and some effects, It was great!

The different countries in Asia, each culture and important historical events were highlighted by dancers.

The inventions, inventors, scientists and Qatar’s visions gearing towards a modernized developed country amidst the digital era and its quest for supremacy in science and technology using its natural resources as its strength.

And lots of artists, dancers, acrobats, aerialists, singers (Jackie Chung, An Indian lady, A Lebanese singer performed—but what we were waiting to perform was Mr. Gary Valenciano but he was not there yet, maybe, he’ll be singing on the Opening Ceremony),horses and stilt walkers and an orchestra.

There were also students from different schools who participated in carrying those flags. To top it all, it was impressive.

The Olivier Award Winner, David Atkins, an Australian, is the one who directed this historical event that will happen. He is also the artistic director on the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics.
Some part of the show was like watching the movie Superman Returns and the part of the story-telling with all those sea creatures (or rather monsters) was the lousy part. Giant starfish, big octopus and some horrific creatures which seemed unrealistic and insignificant.

There was no showcase of pyrotechnic unlike the first rehearsal and the lighting of the cauldron was not done yet (seven athletes were the torchbearer).The gorgeous guy Sheikh Muhammed Bin Khalifa Al Thani made it to the top of the steep ramp with his horse, as the last man with the torch to light the cauldron. I guess all of it would unravel and unfold on the big day itself.

There’s still a lot more to the Grand Opening Ceremony of the 15th Asian Games and we’ll just watch on TV the rest on Friday.

“The power of the game…“The spirit of the game…

“The heart of the game…

is me and you…”

Have a great weekend everyone!

Asian Games: The Games of Your Life

The countdown for the 15th Asian Games here in Doha, Qatar is nearing to its end, it’s just a day away and lucky for us to have tickets for the rehearsal of the Opening Ceremony today at 6 pm until 10 pm. They won’t allow cameras, videos and cellphones with camera so I’ll think of some ways on how I would keep my digicam with me. Thanks Ninay F for the tickets!!!

The Grand Opening Ceremony on December 1st at the Khalifa Stadium costs Qr. 500.00 (it’s too costly for us to buy!) and given the chance to have a glimpse on how it would gonna be on the big day is more than enough than not to be able to see the start of the event at all. My brother saw the first rehearsal and told us that it was really awesome.

Nath purchased online some of the tickets that we want to watch like tennis, gymnastic and synchronized swimming and my brother (a volunteer) has some free tickets also.

There are rumors that there would be 10 days vacation for all employees and if that would really happen then we’ll have another 10 days to enjoy with Dad Nath.

How about you? What games would you want to watch?

Novemberish Birthdays…

Happy Birthday to my friends! Josel’s big day is the All Saint’s Day, then Neneth, my pretty kumare Marichris, then followed by my best friend’s–Faye, and my 1st cousin Net, then Ninong Yam and Nova, Ate Jovie, then leila, and my good friend Mavis,     and ate Chel.

Fun with the Wig!

Presenting the Balakubaks of Qatar!


Ito si Micka, ang pinakamatanda na FBI or Federasyon ng mga Baklita Internasyonal…


Ito naman si Sandra, ang baklitang nagpapanggap na babae pag gabi…


Ito si Joevillia, ang pinabata na syoding sa federasyon…


At ito na man si Kristita, ang astig na pacute na bading…

Ganda nila di ba?

The other night we were in our friend’s house to celebrate her birthday and we had fun with her wig…

Happy Birthday Mavis!!!

I’m pretty sure you were greatly entertained by the Balakubak Girlalush…

Those Kind of People

For some no particular reason I can’t fathom these bitching that always happen every time there’s a gathering of friends and false friends…

I dislike people who are not happy with how other person manage to get a better self be it a more comfortable life, slimmer that her usual self or just for nothing extraordinary.

Some downright statements that were not asked for like…

“Oh, what happened to you? You look so ugly!!! Why your face like that? No, you’re not slimmer, you’re still fat nothing is changed with your body only your face!!!”

What the hell is the problem of this person? Come on! Accept the fact that she’s looking better, she lost some pounds of her weight and just be happy for her. STOP being tactless. Her mindless ramblings were so nonsense and it was way off the normal bahavior of a considerate and finesse individual. BEING UNEDUCATED is not an excuse. This person has the habit of hitting below the belt with her rough attitude, insensitivity and her lack of courtesy in dealing with others.

Being unmindful of what others may feel and so careless to the point that it’s so clear that her wagging tongue serves just for the evil purpose. She blabbers with nonsensical things.

Insulting another person repeatedly just to make that person feel bad and so she’ll feel good. Oh, get a life for yourself!
Why it’s not easy to praise others when in fact it will cost you nothing. Come on, putting a smile into someone’s lips with your positive remarks will make someone happy and I guess will make you also feel good with yourself that you are capable of doing good things to others, even just like that, a simple praise and just being sensitive to other’s feelings.

Even for my daughter I abhor those people be it a friend or just a mere acquaintance who’ll say negative things on her especially her skin color. My son has a fairer skin than my daughter and most of the time some people give some nasty remarks on it. To tell you frankly, I want to blow their noses for doing that but being a civilized person I just hold myself from doing it. She has a beautiful brown skin and if it does not look appealing on you then don’t say a thing and it will cost you nothing!
I also hate other people giving unsolicited advices especially in child rearing. As mothers we always want the best for our children and we do the best for them and don’t ever tell me what’s the best for my kids coz every child is different so what ever is effective to your kid may not be applicable to mine.

The word is narcissism, wants always to remind others that she/he know everything and so she/he can have the role of the “teacher” and wants to hear themselves pontificate.

Okay it’s harmless but you can keep it to yourself not unless I ask it from you.

The list goes on…and as well as the bitching!

Giving trust and respect to someone but it seems that they are giving no value to the respect and trust you’ve given. Sharing some problems to close friends and finding out that even a kiddo of a friend of your friend has something to say with it because “it’s being discussed in their home?” even that for adults only.