Working Hours of Supermarkets this Ramadan

Here’s a list of schedule for all supermarkets  during this Ramadan. From time to time I have to ask my friends what time a particular grocery store or a supermarket opens. And so, I’ll post this schedule in my blog, for me not to be bugging other people everytime that we go out.

Dasman Hypermarket (Airport Rd.), (Al Hilal), (Al Gharafa) – opens betweeen 9 a.m. to 3 a.m.

Carrefour at City Center – operates between 10 a.m. and 1 a.m.

Lulu Hypermarket and Lulu Center – functions between 9 a.m. and 1 a.m.

Family Food center (in it’s 3 branches at Al Mirgab, Al Rayyan and Airport Rd.)- opens between 8:30 am and 5:30 p.m. and then later opens at 6:30 p.m. and 1 a.m.

Safari Hypermarket (2 branches at Umm Salal Ali and at Fort Roundabout) -open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and from 6 pm to 1 am.

Al Safeer Hypermarket (at D Ring Rd.) – opens between 8:30 am and 1 am.

Food Palace ( in Al Sadd and near Jaidah Fly-over) – opens between 8 am and 5 pm and resumes at 6:30 pm til 1 am.

Food Center (at Al Rayyan Rd., and Al Khor) – functions between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and resumes at 6:30 pm to 1am.

New Indian Supermarket on Airport Rd. opens between 8:30 am and 5 pm. and resumes at 6:30 pm until midnight.

Shoprite at Airport Road opens at 8:30 am and closes at 12:30 am.

Qatar Cost of Living

“It’s not just the Doha skyline that’s on the way up in Qatar. From cooking-gas to biscuits to sugar to ice-creams to school fees to haircuts to transportation – the cost of almost every thing, big or small, is going nowhere but upwards in fast developing Qatar. Exactly whom, or what, do we blame it on?”

“Skyrocketing rents,” answer industry experts without batting an eyelid. And whom do we blame the rising house rents on?

-fr. Gulf Times

With the continuous jacking up of rents, for every buildings or establishments there’s the ripple effect that starts from the business owners who extends the additional rent expense to the consumers. And the end point– consumers, like us, expats has to deal with this drastically skyrocketing of prices in almost all of the things that we need to buy, from the basic needs to some nitty gritty things that we need in our life not to mention the things that we splurge on.

Cost of living here in Qatar really changed. From my more than five years of stay there was quite a big leap.

Ramadan on its 5th Day!

Ramadan started last Saturday, September 23, earlier than expected. It is the ninth month of Hijiri or the Islamic Calendar. It is considered as the most blessed and holiest month for the Muslims. It is also the month which they practice fasting, charity, and longer hours for prayers.

Fasting (sawm) starts from dawn to dusk for the entire month of Ramadan. Muslims believe that during Ramadan, the revelation of the Qu’ran to the Prophet Muhammad began. Fasting during this month is often thought to figuratively burn away all sins. Furthermore, the Prophet Muhammad told his followers that the gates of Heaven would be open all the month and the gates of Hell would be closed.

The practice of fasting varies for every country. Like what Subi, our Pakistani neighbor told me that, the Indians can eat anything as long as it is a fruit from any trees but not the meat from animals. But for them , the Pakistans they only eat at dawn and resume their meals at dusk. She told me also that she refrained from watching television and even talking too much is prohibited and should pray more in order to cleanse the body and mind and nurture the spirit.
My Algerian friend, Gezalla, she told me that during the month of Ramadan , she has to get up early for her to prepare food before the sun rises which is called, suhoor. And as I observed her (this was the time that we were working together) she resumes eating after the sun sets, the iftar, and to break the fast, usually she eats only dates and drink fresh milk.

And the owner of our company, who’s a Sheik, always prepares a buffet (these tents full of food are for those who are less fortunate).

It is a time of worship and contemplation. A time to strengthen family and community ties.

To all my Muslim friends, Ramadan Kareem!

A Good Start!

“Gusto kong maging vegan.” (I want to be a vegetarian.) My husband e-mailed me yesterday about this. He’s quite serious and he was about to snob the meal that i cooked (I prepared tacos yesterday). I told him that okay it’s his last day to eat beef. And when we went to Carrefour at City Center almost all of our groceries were composed of fruits and vegetables not even a single meat. Wow! I hope that this is a good start of a new lifestyle that will make us more healthy. I, too decided to join this bandwagon but I need to have more determination on this. Whew!

Andrea’s 3rd birthday :)

Princess Birthday went well. She had two party celebrations one was in her nursery and the other one was at McDonald’s (as requested by the celebrant). We baked 3 pans of moist chocolate cake (Andrea insisted of doing the sifting stuff and mixing the ingredients, as usual) and can’t get her hands off the cake after we finished decorating it.


Her big day started early, she went to the nursery first and stayed til two in the afternoon. They had a small celebration during lunchtime, each kiddo had their share of the celebrant’s homemade chocolate cake. They sung happy birthday to her and I guess made some fun.

classroom1dscn4023.JPGhappybdaysongdscn4026.JPG slicingdcakedscn4033.JPG


When she came home I told her to have a nap but she played with her brother until daddy came home and as expected nobody got to sleep (no doubt with daddy around). And the time was so quick, time to go to her party and she had no energy at all for her big bash. When we reached McDo I told her dad to buy her a kiddie meal (wishing that it might energize her but she’d been drained).


The party started late (dang! Filipino time!) and Andrea wants to drift off to her lala land for some sleep but luckily she did not dozed off. I guess party pictures would describe best what she’d been feeling that moment. Tired, energies sapped, sleepy, a little bit grouchy but still Happy.


Thanks to all the friends (old and new ones) and kids who came for Andrea’s party. Thanks to all the wishes and the gifts (she woke up very early the following day and asked me if she can open her gifts already) and to my dear li’l princess, mom and dad loves you very much!

More pictures!





The First Day at Nursery

Sunday morning, Andrea’s first day at the nursery, I woke her up at 5:30 am and told her that time to wake up and it’s her first day at nursery so up she went, excited and I told myself this is a good start for her. I gave her something to eat and she followed me in the kitchen and after cooking her food (I packed chicken nuggets and hotdogs and rolled sliced bread with nutella) I gave her a bath and hurriedly dressed her. I was also excited as well as her daddy.

When we reached Mulberry Bush her friend Xianne was already there with her mom. It’s only a 5 minutes drive from our house but the thing was in between 6 and 7 am traffic started to build up especially that almost all of the cars were going in our route.

There’s a waiting room and there’s also an adjacent room, a soft play room wherein kids can play while waiting for the other kids. When all kids arrived then they’ll go upstairs to start their daily activities. Viewing comes first then kids will go to their rooms assigned according to their age groups. I thought Andrea and Xianne will be in the Butterflies section but they were taken to the Spiders section (for 4 years old).

Andrea’s first day at nursery was okay, we waited for an hour, after settling them first (Andrea and her friend Xianne) making them more comfortable with the new place and environment, we left and came back after 6 hours.

While we were in the house me and my friend (Xianne’s mom), were waiting for a call from the nursery but nobody called us meaning the first day went well.

I asked teacher Naome, her teacher in her section about Andrea and she told me that she was a good girl, she listened to the teacher and she’s not a nuisance. quite a relief for me upon hearing this that my kiddie behaved well and I know she’ll be okay with them.

Excited for the First Day at Mulberry Bush

Tomorrow is the start of our daughter’s “mini school” (she’ll be three years old in three days time) at Mulberry Bush (play school) in preparation for the big school next year. She is excited and happy but still we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Will she be a clingy toddler or will she embrace it with just a normal attitude of adaptation and acceptance to a new environment, but we made sure to ready herself for this new turning point of her toddlerhood to a grown up 3 year old kiddo by always telling her how it would be in the play school that mom and dad would always come back for her to fetch her in the afternoon.

It seems that we (me and her dad) were having the separation anxiety. Her school starts from 6:30 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. There are lots of activities in every 30 minutes. There’s one teacher and one assistant for every section (for every age group). Andrea belongs to the Butterflies Section. There’s also the Creche (infants), the Butterflies, and the Spiders Group (4 yrs. old kids). She’ll attend school thrice a week and the school is just 5 minutes drive away from our house.

She’ll be with her friend Xianne. hope that everything would turn just fine tomorrow. We’ll see…we love you ate 🙂