Bye E!

I just finished all the housework, Yup! I”m back to being the Certified Plain Housewife doing all the chores, multi-tasking almost all of the time, saving time and energy by making chores easier so that i’ll have ample time for my toddler and my 7 month old baby.

We send back our maid (Edith Napal Pinonongan) to her friend (Mira Labor), it’s too sad for her but we have to do it for our own sake also. We paid all the expenses (read: Qr 7,000.00 or P 100,000.00 in pesos) and the needed fees but they fooled us until now E has no visa as a maid. And to make it worse the person who is responsible for all of this mess is always hiding and running away from E’s friend and her name is Fatima Abdulla (beware of this person, she’s selling visa as front but the truth is there’s no visa to sell.

Last year, 1st week of May we went to the house of the brother of M ( she’s working as a secretary in an agency ). We approached her coz we thought that she’s a good person and she’s working in an agency and we needed badly to have a maid for I was 3 months away from my delivery due date. And we had known from a friend that they also got their maid through M.

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