Welcome to the family Paj!

My hubby got our new car the other day, a 2006 model of 7 seater Pajero (still I want the 2006 Landcruiser Prado) anyway, it’s much better from our old 2-door Pajero. It’s like a daddy version of our old car. Hubby N called his new car “Paj”. We are a growing family which means we need a bigger car. My 2 and a half daughter enjoys her new place inside the car. Still we are trying to find the right car seat for her.
Upon arriving from work, my hubby and ninong yam went to Mitsubishi to get the car and after that we went hotel hopping. We went to Ritz Carlton Hotel then to Intercontinental Hotel and made reservation in the resto for a brunch the following day.
And yesterday was the Baptism of paj. We went to Parish Center and asked the parish priest, Fr. Tom to bless our new car.
Like a real baptism what followed next was a sumptous buffet brunch at Intercontinental Hotel. I wanted to sleep after eating but then we had to go to City Center mall to buy ate P’s car seat and Sean’s walker. What a hectic day! Thanks to ninang may and ninong yam!

Getting Younger!

My birthday bash went well, although i was dead tired, and there was a 2nd round on the following day. I invited some of my friends again to come to our house for a dinner and still we had lots of foods.
Thanks also to my hubby who arrived earlier from work that day so he can cook caldereta and kare-kare and also to my 2 darling babies, they let me finish all the cooking before throwing some tantrums.
And thanks to the friends who sent their greetings, thru text messages, e-cards and phone calls.
My visitors and friends enjoyed the food (baked macaroni, lumpia shanghai, cheese rolls, KFC fried chicken,caldereta, kare-kare, leche flan, ref. cake, fruit salad, puto from ninang and ate J, pancit, and cakes from bateel and opera cafe.

A Happy BABY!

Sean is on his 7th month now and he changed a lot, physically and mentally and his development leaped from being a peaceful baby to bouncing yelling baby who happens to love his voice echo on our house from time to time especially when he’s overflowing with excitement and happiness.
Sometimes he caught me off guarded with his voice, of course, i was and still am like on the deja vu stage with my andrea’s feminine yet loud noise when she was in sean’s age. i was accustomed to a loud blabbering by my first born at this age but sean’s more powerful than hers. of course he’s a baby boy so what’s next?
His body is so sleek and lean and very quick to twist and turn that sometimes if you’ll not hold him tight he’ll gonna end with a crashing thud on the floor. He gulps a lot of water, yes! not only sips but gulps.He doesn’t know how to suck from a bottle. Until this month he loves only my unadulterated milk and some solid foods but we have to be wathcful with what food we give him coz his skin is so sensitive–which means, no fish, no chicken, no eggs, no nuts and other legumes, no dairies and no sea foods or else he’ll be as red as a lobster.
He has a very good appetite but the problem is he has an allergy. But anyway, as long as he is healthy and we ‘ll keep him healthy and stay away with those allergens.
He’s a tall baby. Funny, he’s fairer than his older sister sometimes when we’re in a mall some ladies would ask us if sean is a girl. He has this oozing aura of being a baby magnet everytime we are outside. He’s always wearing blues and white shirts and shoes but still most of the time he’ll be mistaken as a baby girl. He always smiles sweetly and hug us. We love you Sean!

Of Friends

It’s been three consecutive weeks that we were either going out or staying in our house or in our friend’s place every weekend. The first time we met was in their place for a dinner and the first time that Princess saw our new friend’s kid, also about ate P’s age (older by two months to be exact) they automatically got along and played but there’s the normal scenario of yelling and fighting for a certain toy both of them want to play with.
We are glad that we met a new family, a new friend. Friends whom you can give trust and you can share stories about our family life and the good thing as a mother I learned a lot from her, especially on parenting.
And ate Princess is also enjoying everytime that they’ll play but quite a little difficult on the part of saying goodbye to each other; either one of them will cry.
It’s good to have a friend that truly cares for you, who gives advices that came from their hearts. We are so blessed to have them.
We enjoy the every-friday lunch at three in the afternoon til night. Had a great time playing table tennis, eventhough i’m just a starter on this game. And, we had a great time with you guys on our weekday trip to the park. Hope and pray that we’ll be friends for life…