Thousand Kisses and a Thud!

Every day Ate princess would approach Momsy and ask if she could kiss Sean and the funny thing is that she’ll readily cross her arms, as told by her uncle, so as not to crush Sean or worst do some hideous acts to her baby brother.

She’ll kiss first on Sean’s face, which resulted to lots of rashes on both cheeks then down to his brother’s arms and plant tiny kisses with loud sound on the legs.

What a wonderful sight of my adorable kids, older sibling wants to take care of her little brother but there are also times when she is attacked by jealousy and the very good and responsible “ate” would aimingly hurl her toys or worst box or pull the leg or arm of the new baby. That’s the time that the tamed sheep would change to a fierce cub!

She has changed! One incident, she hurt Sean again and her Dad and I got angry with her, we told her that she should not do bad things to little brother. What she did, she batted her eyelashes and turned her back against us and walked away heading to the door while staring with a tiger look on us, and we were shouting at her coz she’s near to bump her face on the wall! What a knee-high Neanderthal she is!

Stork Bites:)

Pink Birthmarks! Sean has some of them on the bridge of his nose, at the lower area of his right eye, just below his eye brow, on his back and on his scrotum (funny!).

Flat pink birthmarks occur (”stork bites”) in more than 50 percent of newborns. The ones in front are often referred to as “an angel’s kiss”.

All the birthmarks on the bridge of the nose and eyelids clear completely. Those on the eyelids clear by 1 year of age; those on the bridge of the nose may persist for a few additional years.

Those on the forehead that run from the bridge of the nose up to the hairline usually persist into adult life. Laser treatment during infancy should be considered. Most birthmarks on the nape of the neck also clear, but 25 percent can persist into adult life.

Up, Up and More!

Princess is on her way further up of her being a Neanderthal kid; she does a lot of:


Dancing her Hawaiian style with more on a butt work;

Her precision on throwing of objects on a certain goal is achieved;

Jabbers on lots of words but still most of them are unrecognizable;

Uses lots of gestures and facial expressions, and an addition to that is her tiger look when
she’s angry, and a twinkling eyes when super happy;

She’s more demanding and a new attitude of being bossy to her nanny;

The “only me” attitude occurred (she wants to be followed every time);

The let-me-do-it-alone behavior;

Happily annoys her Dad and Mom;

Uses shouting and crying as means to get what she wants;

Always run away from her nanny whenever she needs to have a diaper change;

Loves to throw food on the floor and laughs while her nanny picks every morsel of food;

Wants to carry her baby brother and plant thousand of kisses everyday;

Became a daddy’s girl;

Her best friend ever is Barney, second is Po from teletubbies;

Loves to eat cheese and chocolates;

Always on the phone and pretending that she’s having a conversation with her “mama” (grandmas’);

Puking is also one of her means to get her way with us;

Sings with mommy and daddy some kids songs and recites in her alien language some nursery rhymes;

Loves to read books, color, scribble objects and make lots of lines and tells mommy that it’s letter “a”;

Wants to carry and cuddle her baby brother;

Loves to eat ice cream.

Our New Bundle of JOy!

Welcome Sean Linus F. Rafael!!!
MOm Liz delivered Sean last Friday at 7:35 in the morning, he weighs 8.14 pounds!!! We love you baby Sean! Kisses from Dad Nath, Mom liz, Ate Princess, Uncles, Aunties, grandmoms, grandpas’ and dear cousins…:)

the time has come!!!

Malapit na ngang lumabas si Sean Linus, just this morning when i went to c.r. may nakita na akong thick pinkish discharge, as i learned from my experience from giving birth to my first born ganon din ang sign na nakita ko na mag-iistart na ang paglabor ko.
Meron na ring contractions kaso hindi pa nga ganon katindi, at bumaba na ang tyan ko kaya medyo nakakahinga na ako ng maluwag kasi nagkaroon na ng space ang lungs ko. So far, yong sakit ng likod ko at lower abdomen hindi pa naman ganon katindi kaya i prefer to stay in the house muna saka na ako magpapadala sa hospital pagmatindi na talaga ang sakit.
Inayos ko ulit at tiningnan ang bag na dadalhin namin sa hospital kung andon na nga ang lahat ng mga gamit na kailngan namin ni baby Sean para bibit=bitin na lang pagmagpadala n ako sa hospital.
Si P gustong umakyat sa crib ni Sean, as i told her nga na di na sya pwede kasi kay baby brother na yong crib hindi na sya pwede sa loob magplay, ayon nagwala, binitbit ng upside down si pooh at tigger sabay balibag sa floor. kawawang mga toys nya, but for sure she’ll be delighted and overjoyed pagmakita nya si sean…

what goes around, comes around

treat people fairly,
treat people with respect,
treat people with kindness,
genuine kindess, that is.

remember, most of things that happen to us
are by-products of what we do and what we nurture
in our hearts.

9 days and still counting…

9 days to go na lang at ayan na si Sean Linus…baka naman mas maaga pa kasi sa ngayon pa lang palagi na akong nakakafeel ng early signs of labor like contractions at palagi ng sumasakit ang likod ko. nakaready na lahat ng mga bags na dadalhin sa hospital just incase manganak na nga ako at ibinilin ko na sa kanila (my dear hubby, my bro and our maid) what i want them to do pagmanganagnak na nga ako.
so far, my hyper toddler ganon pa rin sya masyadong energetic lalo pa ngayon na mas marami na syang kalaro , yong uncle nya pati ang maid aside sa amin ng daddy nya. masyado na syang naging mas bibo minsan napapa-ikot nya ang uncle nya pati na rin ang maid sa kung ano ang gusto nya, which is hindi namin tinotolerate.
sana nga maging madali ang pagdeliver ko kay baby Sean.